Ruling Gardevoir Delta species (Fire type) question ?


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Does Gardevoir Delta Species Imprison marker have any rules regarding if the Imprison condition is removed if a pokemon retreats by discarding energy of or switch cards?

The most obvious one to escape would be if the defending player uses a card to retreat back into their hand from modern supporters like Professor Turo's Scenario or Penny.


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Q. What ways can a Pokémon get rid of an attached "Imprison" marker or "Shock-wave" marker?
A. Evolving, devolving, leveling up (i.e. LV.X), leaving play, and Tropius' "Tropical Heal" Poké-POWER are currently the only ways to get rid of an Imprison or Shock-wave Marker. Retreating or benching does NOT get rid of the marker. (May 31, 2007 PUI Rules Team)