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Garden of the Hesperides (Mewtwo EX, Gardevoir ND)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Chaos Ripper, Mar 25, 2012.


How would this deck stand at a tourney?

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  1. Chaos Ripper Obsessed w/ TES-Oblivion, Lamb of God, and GH-WOR
    Chaos Ripper


    3-3-3 Gardevoir ND
    4 Mewtwo EX ND
    1 Cleffa HS

    Pokemon - 14

    10 {P}
    3 Rescue Energy

    Energy - 13

    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 N
    3 Professor Oak's New Theory

    Supporters - 9

    4 Rare Candy
    2 Switch
    4 Eviolite
    3 Life Herb
    2 Crushing Hammer
    3 Junk Arm
    3 Revive
    3 Pokemon Catcher

    Strategy - Set up Mewtwo EX and Gardevoir. Attach {P} to Mewtwo EX, and use X-Ball, which exploits Gardevoir's ablility "Psychic Mirage", which makes every {P} energy attached to all {P} Pokemon count as {P}{P}, and Mewtwo EX's "X-Ball" attack specifically says that it does 20x damage times the number of energy attached to it and it's opponent, not energy cards. Life Herb is to heal any damage, Cleffa/PONT is to refresh your hand, Crushing Hammer is to hurt your opponent's energy, Revive is to bring back any fallen Mewtwo EX, Catcher is to help get your Mewtwos away from mirrors, and everything else is standard for decks.

    P.S.: Remember to PM me if you want to face this deck on PlayTCG.

  2. Jirachi Smile!


    -1 rare candy (only 3 is needed. Only have 3 gardevoir)
    -0-1-0 gardevoir (rare candies help)
    -1 mewtwo EX (think 3 is enough)
    -3 life herb (really isn't that great since it only heals 60 plus special conditions)
    -1-2 rescue energy (rather use that energy per turn to setup mew two)
    -1-2 revive (probably don't need 3 for a game)

    +1 collector (consistency)
    +3 communication (get out gardevoir)
    +3 sage's/juniper (drawing power)
    +1 junk arm (reuse trainers)
    +1 other attacker (e.g. regigigas to attack with something other than mew two while setting up. Suggest tornadus or something like that too)
  3. Red Striker VGC Trainer
    Red Striker


    May I note that with no Catcher protection, Gardevior is a prize bait for the opponent. Vileplume wouldn't fit in this deck due to the fact that two Stage twos are absurd (with the exception of some decks), and after Gardevoir is out, Mewtwo is a sitting duck, seems how, A.) If you KO your opponent's active mon, chances are, they'll have a Benched Mewtwo waiting, and B.) when Gardevoir is gone, Mewtwo really won't be doing too much damage due to a lack of DCEs, as well as the fact that there's no real Psychic energy acceleration (needless to say, attaching ten energy cards on one pokemon that can be OHKO'd by the exact same thing is completely crazy).

    If you're still up to building this, however, this is what I'd do:

    -3 Junk Arm (you have no way to recover anything from the discard so why have it?)
    +3 DCE (Mewtwo abuses these things. Just one is enough to meet the minimum for X-Ball's cost)

    If you don't like the idea of removing Junk Arm, then I'd remove the Life Herb instead. Relying on a coin flip to see if you can heal or not isn't a wise thing in this format, since, as I've said, Mewtwo can be OHKO'd by many things.
  4. Jirachi Smile!


    I think it won't be a huge problem seeing that eelektriks don't really have catcher protection either. Why DCE when gardevoir already makes a basic psychic energy 2 psychic energies? And just for further explanation, why do you have no way to recover anything from the discard? Junk arm helps get back those trainers needed like catchers for example.
  5. Red Striker VGC Trainer
    Red Striker


    I suppose you're right about that.

    And that's the one problem with Eel decks that don't run Vileplume. Your opponent Catchers an Eel, and it either sits or is KO'd. The difference between this deck and Eel varients is that with a basic Eel deck, there aren't any Stage twos, meaning that Vileplume actually has a chance in that deck.

    I guess I meant to say "any other way to recover things". With that being said, I suppose you'll just have to be careful with what you discard.
  6. Jirachi Smile!


    But junk arm is very helpful and a staple in this deck and almost any deck for reusing trainers. If I were to take out anything I'd take out maybe only one junk arm, but not all of them.
  7. JimboJumbo Aspiring Trainer


    While personally, I don't think is a viable idea, it can be worked at the very least.

    You need EXP Share to make use of the Psychic Energies, otherwise, like mentioned above, why go through the effort of setting up Gardevoir if you can just attach a DCE instead to power up Mewtwo. This way you can keep more energies in play and won't have to worry about it too much in that regard.

    Like with eels, you can just as well set up two Gardevoirs so that way catcher killing one isn't a big loss. You'll have an abundance of bench space, so you might as well prepare to set up back up ones in the case that one does get KO'ed.

    Lastly, I personally think that Shaymin would be pretty clutch in this deck, worked in with either SSU or Seeker (leaning more towards the super scoop up) because in clutch moments you can set up another Mewtwo with all the energy and scoop up the wounded one. There'd be a lot of space to incorporate something like this so it would be something that'd I'd be down for trying.
  8. Magnezone_Elf Sexy as ever!!!


    -1 Mewtwo EX
    -0-2-1 Gardevoir
    +2-2 Electrode
    It gets ur energy out, and 4 mewtwo is just 2 many, same with 3-3-3 Gardy.
  9. JimboJumbo Aspiring Trainer


    I don't think Electrode is a good idea in this case. You give up a prize to Energymite and then (likely) give up two more prizes when all they need to do is drop Mewtwo of their own and DCE or accelerate just two energies onto it for the revenge KO? Half the game is finished by T2 if everything pans out well, and sadly, that wouldn't be in your favor.
  10. Magnezone_Elf Sexy as ever!!!


    No, it goes, Electrode, energymite, twins for catcher, catcher mewtwo, ur 1 prize up.
  11. Jirachi Smile!


    Its a good energy accelerator but it might be a bit risky since there are no FSLs or super rods and this is a stage 2 deck.
  12. Magnezone_Elf Sexy as ever!!!


    Then add in Super Rods.
  13. JimboJumbo Aspiring Trainer


    The only problem with that is people only carry Mewtwo in a deck to counter the forced Mewtwo of the opponent. If your only attacker is Mewtwo, you'll be forced to use it before your opponent, which means that your opponent gets the luxury of taking the first two prizes off of your own Mewtwo.

    T2> Energymite - Twins - Catcher and W/E gets you one prize.
    On their T2> Bench Mewtwo, Attach DCE, Revenge KO for two prizes.

    Now you're down two prizes and even if you do respond to their Mewtwo with your second one, you are more than likely to lose the prize race because of how commonly two Mewtwos are seen in decks to avoid having one prized. Knowing that, a second Mewtwo is likely to show up and take the 2nd revenge KO. Prize count is now one to four in favour of your opponent.
  14. Magnezone_Elf Sexy as ever!!!


    We need a backup attacker, then.

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