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Gamestop stores will be holding a special promotion to celebrate the release of Celebrations on October 8th!
Fans who purchase any Pokemon item will receive both a jumbo Snorlax VMAX card and a binder that holds jumbo cards. Unlike past promotions, there is no purchase limit to receive the items.



Stores will receive more copies of the jumbo card than the binder, so the binders will be exhausted earlier.
Gamestop originally gave out these same items last May, but it was only through purchases on Gamestop.com. The original promotion also required fans to spend $25 on Pokemon merchandise.

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Weren't these given out at stores already, not just online? I have the jumbo on my desk right now, got it from a store.


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I don’t think that binder fits the jumbo cards. I have one with the exact same design that came out last year for a Target spend 25. I think it is for like postcards or something like that.


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At least it's any Pokemon product and not specifically TCG product. So time for a plushie!

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they had the jumbo, but claimed to know nothing about the binders. they didn't have shit , so i was like 'can i buy a promo?'. they sold me one for a penny with receipt