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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by megablastoise101, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. megablastoise101 Aspiring Trainer


    So I’ve been thinking about how much potential galarian cursola has in the meta and I think it’s going to change a lot

    Galarian Cursola – Psychic – HP100
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Galarian Corsola
    Ability: Perish Body
    If this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon and is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent’s attack, flip a coin. If heads, the Attacking Pokemon is Knocked Out.
    [P][C] Corner: 60 damage. The Defending Pokemon can’t retreat during your opponent’s next turn.
    Weakness: Darkness (x2)
    Resistance: Fighting (-30)
    Retreat: 2

    It could work well with morpeko v as well as the supporter card will

    Morpeko V – Electric – HP170
    Basic Pokemon
    [C] Spark: 20 damage. This attack does 20 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)
    [L][L][C] Electric Wheel: 150 damage. Discard an Energy from this Pokemon. Then, switch this Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.
    When your Pokemon V is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
    Weakness: Fighting (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 2

    The next time you flip any number of coins for the effect of an attack, Ability, or Trainer card this turn, choose heads or tails for the first coin flip.
    You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

    So just thoughts and opinions and I’ll probably make a full deck list soon

  2. Panzerolas Aspiring Trainer


    Will can't be used for that coin flip because it ends in your turn.
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  3. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.


    Will can only be used for coinflips during your turn. Your opponent attacks during their turn. It would be a bit broken if it worked that way.
  4. megablastoise101 Aspiring Trainer


    I just wanted to double check cause it does specifically state that YOU have to flip the coin but will doesn’t say anything like “the next time you flip a coin for an attack, ability, or trainer or until the end of this turn you may choose either heads or tails” but just wanted to clarify just in case.
  5. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    It's a great option for morpeko V or any existing hit and run attackers (beheeyem, hitmonchan, sawsbuck, greninja GX, even beedrill). Even without Will (which is limited to "this" as in your own turn), nobody is going to want to flip to see if their tag team or V max will get KOed so they will throw up single prizers. Depending on the hit and run (or even attacking with cursola), combined with spell tag, you might cheat enough prizes to force them to hit with the tag team, and that could just win the game. Maybe shedinja so they take no prizes and possibly give up some.
  6. megablastoise101 Aspiring Trainer


    Okay thank you for pointing out this turn I have a tendency to misread things when I’m excited but I feel as if morpeko v might be the best for this job as there is a lot of electric support and it’s a basic as well so I don’t get stalled by evolution
  7. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah morpeko is probably the most likely to be meta relevant. But I like to explore all options. You could do honchcrow rip and run, make a hand control deck that threatens KOs. Or donphan or hitmontop, who both force your opponent to switch as well (to mess up mallow and lana plays). Morpeko should just be easier to build though.
  8. TheUnwaba Aspiring Trainer


    I went in another direction and thought of pairing the Cursola with Lost Thunder Shedinja. That would mean they do not take any prizes for knocking out my Cursola, but I can one-flip KO them with the ability.
  9. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    I've been trying to get a quad-Cursola deck to work for Expanded. I haven't tried it out, but I figure if the only way they can get prizes is to go through this thing, then there's going to be some problems for them, especially since you're a 1 Prize deck. They need 6 KOs VS you KOing 2-3 Ex/GX/Tag Team/V VMAX.

    Garbotoxin can be a problem if you don't build for it (and maybe Galarian Weezing). But you do avoid Bide Barricade Wobbuffet, Alolan Muk, and Silent Lab.
  10. I like pokemon Aspiring Trainer
    I like pokemon


    You guys are thinking about pairing this Morpeko and other hit and run decks?

    One Word: Boss's Orders
  11. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    This card is broken with Ear-rining bell, 4 dolls & 4-4 Cursola. I built the best deck in the game right now with this card! Play zero other Pokémon, just 4-4 cursola!
  12. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    So I’ve been building and working on quite a few decks, but this one keeps striking wins in anything meta I put up against it. This deck I’ve built myself has me shocked this deck hasn’t seen any play yet! I believe this is a top tier deck! It doesn’t lose to much! You have two coins flipping here with this deck, one seeing if you can attack the other being knocked out!!! Ear-ringing bell with the attack Corner is sick and so clutch. It’s a deck I’d compare to the Vanillix deck back in the day! Your opponent can’t retreat, so they are stuck unless they have a switch/Mallow & Lana (that’s why 2 Oleana’s are played) so they are stuck active flipping to attack while confused & suffering the effects of Perish Body! This deck is annoying and I say, BDIF! Here’s my list!


    4-4 Galarian Cursola
    1-1 Shedinja
    1 Ditto
    1 Marshadow


    4 Professor’s Research
    4 Steven’s Resolves
    4 Quick Ball
    4 Mysterious Treasure
    4 Acro Bike
    4 Ordinary Rod
    4 Ear-Ringing Bell
    3 Sky Pillar
    2 Oleana
    2 Rosa
    2 Lille’s Poke Doll
    2 Reset Stamp
    1 Erika’s Hospitality


    4 Psychic
    4 Draw
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  13. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    If you think it is so good you should play it in the LimitlessTCG Invitational this Saturday
  14. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


  15. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    I can’t unfortunately I don’t play online! It’s such a bummer or else I would!
  16. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    I will give you the packs to get the deck if you record the tournament with free OBS recording software
  17. I like pokemon Aspiring Trainer
    I like pokemon


    Ngl, I might play this at limitless. Have you thought of adding a lana's fishing rod? Or do you win before your opp gets 3 prizes.
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  18. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    You usually win! 4 Ordinary rods are just fine man! I’ve tested the heck out of this list, there ain’t much you could or want to change! I did try Lanas rods I liked them, but wasn’t needed. You’re opponent gets trapped between flipping for confusion which ends there turn or taking a death toll with Perish Body! It’s fast and very consistent! Corner makes this deck with Ear-Ringing bell work it’s magic. You don’t want to have any other Pokémon that your opponent can Boss’s Orders up for an escape, you just roll with the 4-4 Cursola and at the end of the day say GG & move onto the next match! 7+ perish bodies will more than be enough. If not that 30 adds up with corner. You’ll eventually get manual prizes too. Your opponents forced not to play any high prize card guys. I’d play this at Nats this year if there was one, hands down, this is coming from someone with a confident deck prior to building this! This deck changed my whole mind on the format! This deck is so annoying to play, because it works extremely well!!!

    If you give me free packs I’ll play! I’ve never played online before, but I’m one of the best players locally. I’d easily take you up on that, hit me with a DM!

    Oh, thanks!
  19. Dravinator Poké Fanatic


    This is a great deck idea! I might try it in Expanded with Victini GRI 10/145 or Trick Coin. I would also add 1 more of both Shedinja and Nincada, as they appear to work wonders.

    What is the point of having Erika's Hospitality in this deck? I wouldn't expect many of your opponents Pokemon on the bench if you just keep KOing them.
  20. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Honestly it’s just in here for an extra and more consistent draw source! I also took out 2 Psychics for 2 more Draw Energy!
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