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As we previously revealed, VMAX Climax will feature a “Galar Friends” Supporter card! It features Hop, Bede, Marnie, Victor, and Gloria. It has the same effect as Alola Friends.
Galar Friends – Trainer
Draw 3 cards.
You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn.
The rumors we previously posted said we’d see Galar Friends as a secret rare. With this reveal there’s no doubt we’ll get one. We never received the Alola Friends full art card, but at least we’ll get this one!
Pokemon has also revealed Nessa and Raihan will be reprinted in the set. This lines up with another rumor we posted that they would appear with their alternate Gym Leader designs (as secret rares)...

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If the regular card has art this nice I'm really excited to see the full art. VMAX Climax is shaping up to be an incredible set. :)