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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Galaxy Hunter, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Just increase the synchronize's effect of matching the user's nature to 100% and I'll be happy...

  2. Mitja veteran smartass


    I got a long wishlist of suggestions, but probably won't remember most of them for this post.

    I'll start with some minor but annoying.

    -Make pre-evolution moves relearnable
    I'm tired of this dilemma with most stone evolutions... say I have a perfect bred Pokemon, or a decent shiny one. Whether it's a Roselia, Clefairy, Munna etc... they all lose access to most of their learnsets after evolving with a Stone, so I then have 4 moves on them they won't be able to relearn if I delete them, but I don't feel okay deleting a few to make room for more important moves, because I'm not sure if I won't change my mind later....
  3. Galaxy Hunter Shiny Mega Quest!
    Galaxy Hunter


    This, so much. I accidentally rendered a Sylveon I'd painstakingly bred, trained, and raised useless when I deleted Baton Pass when I wasn't paying attention. Of course, there was no way to re-learn it, and I hadn't saved for a while... Sylveon got WT'd away and I started from square one...
  4. Mitja veteran smartass


    I'd love to see expand the gimmick behind Flying Press.
    When I found out it was a dual type move, I expected this to become a big deal and a lot of retcons to follow.... but instead Flying Press is the only dual type move still.

    I imagine they only used it for Flying Press because Flying and Fighting aren't super-effective to any shared types, meaning they don't even have to consider what happens if both types are quadruple SE against both types of the opponent etc.
    So whether they have to put a cap on the SE-modifier or anything else to be comfortable in adding more dual type moves, I wish they would do it.

    Here is a list of already existing moves that could be retconned into being dual type:
    -Fire Punch, Heat Crash (Fighting/Fire)
    -Thunderpunch (Fighting/Electric)
    -Ice Punch (Fighting/Ice)
    -Bug Bite (Bug/Dark)
    -Earth Power (Ground/Fire)
    -Muddy Water (Water/Ground)
    -Leaf Storm, Leaf Tornado (Grass/Flying)
    -Draco Meteor (Dragon/Rock)
    -Blizzard (Ice/Flying)
    -Steel Wing (Steel/Flying)
    -Solarbeam (Grass/Fire)
    -Petal Dance (Grass/Fairy)
    -Ice Burn (Ice/Fire), Freeze Shock (Ice/Electric)
    -Scald (Water/Fire)
    -Bullet Punch (Steel/Fighting)
    -Heat Wave (Fire/Flying)
    -Magnet Bomb (Steel/Electric)
    -Psycho Cut (Psychic/Fighting)
    -Twinneedle (Bug/Poison)
    -Skull Bash (Normal/Steel)
    -Sludge Wave (Poison/Water)
    -Megahorn (Bug/Fighting)
    -Octazooka (Water/Poison)
    -Wood Hammer (Grass/Fighting)
    -Fire Fang (Fire/Dark)
    -Thunderfang (Electric/Dark)
    -Ice Fang (Ice/Dark)
    -Poison Fang (Poison/Dark)
    -Dark Pulse (Dark/Ghost)
    -Drill Run (Ground/Steel)
    -Shadow Punch (Ghost/Fighting)
    -Flame Charge (Fire/Electric)
    -Aura Sphere (Fighting/Psychic)
    -Dragonbreath (Dragon/Fire)
    -Lick (Ghost/Normal)
    -Ominous Wind (Ghost/Flying)
    -Needle Arm (Grass/Dark)
    -Signalbeam (Bug/Electric)
    -Water Pulse (Water/Psychic)
    -Meteor Mash (Steel/PSychic)
    -Poison Jab (Poison/Fighting)
    -Draem Eater (PSychic/Ghost)
    -Electroweb (Electric/Bug)
    -Hydro Cannon (Water/Steel)
    -Frenzy Plant (Grass/Ground)
    -Bug Buzz (Bug/Normal)
    -X-Scissor (Bug/Steel)
    -Beat Up (Dark/Fighting)
    -Ancientpower (Rock/Psychic)
    -Razor Shell, Crabhammer (Water/Fighting)
    -Mystical Fire (Fire/Psychic)
    -Water Shuriken (Water/Dark)

    -Psystrike (Psychic/Fighting)
    -Aeroblast (Flying/Psychic)
    -Sacred Fire (Fire/Flying)
    -Dragon Ascent (Flying/Dragon)
    -Mistball, Luster Purge (Psychic/Dragon)
    -Doom Desire (Steel/Psychic)
    -Time Roar (Dragon/Steel)
    -Spacial Rend (Dragon/Water)
    -Shadow Force (Ghost/Dragon)
    -V-Create (Fire/Psychic)
    -Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike (Electric/Dragon)
    -Fusion Flare, Blue Flare (Fire/Dragon)
    -Glaciate (Ice/Dragon)
    -Freeze Shock (Ice/Electric)
    -Ice Burn (Ice/Fire)
    -Oblivion Wing (Flying/Dark)
    -Land's Wrath (Ground/Dragon)
    -Steam Eruption (Water/Fire)
    -Hyperspace Hole (Ghost/Psychic)
    -Hyperspace Fury (Dark/Psychic)
    -Diamond Storm (Rock/Fairy)

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