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Standard Fusion Assassin (Mew Vmax / Genesect V / Meloetta)

Dark Espeon

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Pokémon (12):
4 Genesect V (beatdown)
3 Mew Vmax (beatdown)
4 Mew V S8 (evolution)
1 Meloetta (beatdown)

Trainer (40):
3 Elesa’s Sparkle (accelerate)
3 Boss’s Orders (control)
1 Flannery (search)
4 Power Tablet (beatdown)
2 Choice Belt (beatdown)
1 Escape Rope (control)
3 Rotom Phone (search)
3 PokéGear 3.0 (search)
4 Fog Crystal (search)
3 Battle Pass (search)
4 Quick Ball (search)
4 Ultra Ball (search)
3 Switch (retreat)
1 Old Cemetery (beatdown)
2 Rose's Tower (draw)

Energy (08):
4 Psychic Energy
4 Fusion Energy


The deck uses a flash war tactic and aims to defeat three Pokémon V in three consecutive turns starting from turn two on. Go first and start with Mew V. Bench two Genesect V in addition to another Mew V and Meloetta. Draw with Fusion System and attach to Mew V before ending the turn. Next turn evolve into Mew Vmax and attack with Cross Fusion. The main attacks to use with Cross Fusion are Techno Blast and Melodious Echo. Max Miracle and Psychic Leap are additional options which allow Mew Vmax to adapt to the current situation. The deck runs a massive items count. Most of them are chosen to search out other cards such as Pokémon and trainers. The main exception from this rule is Power Tablet and the four switch cards used in this deck. The former ensures that Mew Vmax reaches ohkos while the latter provides mobility on the battlefield. Elesa’s Sparkle provides energy acceleration and can even be used to attack on the first turn going second with Meloetta. Boss’s Orders keeps the opponent under preasure by choosing the target of the attack and Flannery serves as a searchable counter to Path to the Peak.


Mew V
Basic Psychic Pokémon (Fusion Art)
HP: 180
[P] Energy Mix
Search your deck for 1 energy and attach it to 1 of your Fusion Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.
[P][C] Psycho Jump: 70
You may shuffle this Pokémon and all cards attached to it into your deck.
Retreat Cost: 0
Weakness: D
Resistance: F

Mew Vmax
Psychic Vmax Pokémon (Fusion Art)
HP: 310
[C][C] Cross Fusion Strike
Choose an attack on 1 of your benched Fusion Pokémon and use it as this attack.
[P][P] Max Miracle: 130
Damage from this attack isn’t affected by any effects on your opponent’s active Pokémon.
Retreat Cost: 0
Weakness: D
Resistance: F

Genesect V
Basic Metal Pokémon (Fusion Art)
HP: 190
Ability: Fusion System
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may draw cards from your deck until the number of cards in your hand equals the number of your Fusion Pokémon in play.
[M][M][C] Techno Blast: 210
This Pokémon can’t attack during your next turn.
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: R
Resistance: G

Basic Psychic Pokémon (Fusion Art)
HP: 90
[P][C] Melodious Echo: 70x
This attack does 70 damage times the number of Fusion Energy attached to your Pokémon.
Retreat Cost: C
Weakness: D
Resistance: F

Elesa's Sparkle
Trainer - Supporter
Choose up to 2 of your Fusion Pokémon in play. For each Pokémon you chose, search your deck for a Fusion Energy and attach it to that Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.

Power Tablet
Trainer - Item
During this turn, your Fusion Pokémon’s attacks do 30 more damage to your opponent’s active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

Fusion Energy
Special Energy
This card may only be attached to Fusion Pokémon. If it’s attached to a Pokémon that isn’t a Fusion Pokémon, discard this card.
While in play, this card provides every type of energy but provides only 1 Energy at a time. The Pokémon this card is attached to isn’t affected by any abilities from your opponent’s Pokémon.

Choice Belt
Trainer - Pokémon Tool
The attacks of the Pokémon this card is attached to do 30 more damage to your opponent’s active Pokémon V (before applying weakness and resistance).


In this section I will outline the rationale behind the card choices in the current list.

4-3 Mew Vmax: Mew V is an ideal starter in this deck due to the free retreat. He is also needed to evolve into Mew Vmax who constitutes the main attacker in this deck. Cross Fusion allows Mew Vmax to use Techno Blast at a lower cost which helps to stream attacks. Max Miracle is a decent shred attack that ignores effects on the defender and can be used to deal with Decidueye and Zamazenta V. Note that Cross Fusion can also copy Psycho Leap to return a heavily damaged Mew Vmax to the deck and Melodious Echo to reach higher numbers once you have four Fusion Energy cards in play.

4 Genesect V: The deck relies on Fusion System as the main draw engine. The idea is to have two to three Genesect V on the bench in addition to Mew Vmax to draw up to six cards per Genesect V. In addition to providing the draw engine of this deck Genesect V also lends his main attack to Mew Vmax to hit for a solid 210 damage. The deck runs a thick item line and most items can be played whenever they are drawn. The only cards that one might want to conserve are Cross Switcher and Power Tablet.

1 Meloetta: Melodious Echo allows Mew Vmax to hit for 210 damage without having to switch out next turn once there are three Fusion Energy cards attached to your Pokémon. With four Fusion Energy cards in play it can even knock out Pokémon Vmax in one hit with Power Tablet. Another benefit of Meloetta is that she can attack on the first turn going second with some assistance from Elesa's Sparkle.

3 Elesa’s Sparkle: The main reason for this card is to accelerate Fusion Energy. Three copies seem to be sufficient to access Elesa's Sparkle due to Fusion System and PokéGear 3.0.

3 Boss's Orders: Unconditional gust effects win games. The control Boss's Orders provides is important the deck wants to knock out three Pokémon V in one hit on consecutive turns. Combined with Cross Switcher and Escape Rope the three copies of Boss's Order provide a stable amount of gust and control.

4-4-3-3 Quick Ball, Ultra Ball, Fog Crystal, and Battle Pass: Pokémon search items are indispensable in a deck that aims to set up on the first turn. Quick Ball and Ultra Ball can be used to search for Genesect V and Mew V. The latter one can also be used to search out Mew Vmax and discard Battle Pass that remained after the first turn. Fog Crystal searches for Basic Psychic Pokémon and Basic Psychic energy. it thus remains useful even when the bench is full. Battle Pass provides insane Pokémon search on the first turn which is important to set up. On subsequent turns this card becomes dead and needs to be discarded with Ultra Ball and Quick Ball. Three copies worked out fine for me thus far and they increase the total count of Pokémon search cards to fourteen.

3-3 Rotom Phone and PokéGear 3.0: Both cards are intended to search out key trainer cards. While PokéGear 3.0 is limited to supporter cards it provides fast access to Elesa's Sparkle and Boss's Order combined with the natural draw of Fusion System. Rotom Phone on the other hand is less limited in what it can find but at the same time more reliant on supplements from Fusion System to get access to the chosen card. Thus Rotom Phone card can be used to search for Battle Pass on the first turn and the two damage acceleration cards later on.

4 Power Tablet: Power Tablet enables Mew Vmax to knock out Pokémon V in one hit. Note that multiple Power Tablets can be combined in one turn to enable Mew Vmax to knock out Pokémon Vmax.

2 Choice Belt: Similar to Power Tablet this card enables Mew Vmax and Meloetta to reach ohkos especially when combined with Power Tablet.

3-1 Switch and Escape Rope: Most of the time the deck either wants to attack the active Pokémon or choose a benched defender with Boss's Order. For this reason Switch seemed superior to Escape Rope in this deck. Nevertheless a tech Escape Rope still seems to be a nice addition to this deck.

2-2 Rose's Tower and Old Cemetery: The deck relies on Fusion System to draw. Thus Path to the Peak can be used to shut the deck down. The stadium cards act as a counter to Path to the Peak. Rose's Tower is a mini Fusion System which helps the deck to set up. Old Cemetery, on the other hand, works as a damage booster when faced with non-Psychic decks. The deck runs three stadium cards in total which may seem low to counter Path to the Peak but remember that Flannery acts as an additionnal counter to Path to the Peak which can be searched for with PokéGear 3.0.

4-4 Fusion Energy and Psychic Energy: The deck runs Fusion Energy to protect Mew Vmax from abilities and to enable him to attack faster due to Elesa's Sparkle. Fusion Energy is also a great counter to Galarian Weezing when attached to Genesect V since it allows Genesect V to use Fusion System even when Galarian Weezing is in the active spot. Basic Psychic Energy is the second energy card used in this deck because it is harder to discard than any other special energy card and it can be searched out with Fog Crystal which allows the deck to use a lower total energy count.


The visual decklist below shows the actual list i use at the moment.

Cross Fusion.jpg
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Right off the rip, isn't Latias just infinitely better than Meloetta? What are your thoughts on Cram-o-matic and VIP Pass over Phone or Gear? I'd probably cut a Psychic Energy to go four Peony as well because of how strong it is. I don't think you need Gear when the raw power of Genesect's draw Ability will find you nearly everything you need anyways.

It's a sad day that we have to retire the [email protected] deck because it can't beat Mew :c

Dark Espeon

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Right off the rip, isn't Latias just infinitely better than Meloetta? What are your thoughts on Cram-o-matic and VIP Pass over Phone or Gear? I'd probably cut a Psychic Energy to go four Peony as well because of how strong it is. I don't think you need Gear when the raw power of Genesect's draw Ability will find you nearly everything you need anyways.

It's a sad day that we have to retire the [email protected] deck because it can't beat Mew :c
Hi Serperior,

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your review.

In general Battle VIP Pass and Cram-o-matic are a strong combo. However it is a classic high risk - high reward combo. The main strenght of Cram-o.matic is that it can search for any card in the deck which is an insanely strong effect. However, you need to flip heads and discard an item card to recieve this benefit. The same also holds for Battle VIP Pass. It is insane turn one but terrible afterwards since you need to get access to Quick Ball and Cram-o-matic to get rid of leftover Battle VIP Passes in your hand in order to draw. You can reduce the likelihood of such a situation by running one or two Battle VIP Passes only. However, by doing so you also reduce the likelihood to get access to them on your first turn without resorting to Peony which cannot be done turn one going first. Thus, to benefit from Battle VIP Pass you need to run four of them and get rid of leftover copies in your hand on all consecutive turns. Peony and the current line of four PokéGear 3.0 and four Rotom Phone combined with all the other Pokémon and energy search seems to be comparable in speed to the Battle VIP Pass and Cram-o-matic variant.

Personally I am not entirely sold on Latias. The main reason is that Genesect and Mew is a classic flash war deck that focuses on pure aggression and speed. Meloetta seems to fi this bill much better. Going second you can use elesa's Sparkle and a manual attachment to hit for a solid 140 to 210 damage and slow the opponent down by a lot. In the middle game it can help Mew Vmax to reach ohko on Pokémon Vmax combined with one to two Power Tablets. You can get both combos out more reliable than it seems on paper.

I am not sure on the fourth Peony. I hardly use more than two Peony during a match. I beliebe that the addition of PokéGear 3.0 makes up for the lower count of Peony and also is more flexible since it can also search for Boss's Orders and Elesa's Sparkle especially when combined with the draw power of Genesect V. In addition PokéGear 3.0 as an item card is easier to burn than actual physical supporter cards. I truely want to restrict the total supporter count to 8 in total which turned out to be my personal sweet spot.

Would not be that sure on Latios and Latias. I am also considering a variant with Genesect V as a draw engine to increase the speed of this deck. The main benefit of Latios would be that it is a one-prize attacker compared to a three prize attacker and it hits as hard as Mew Vmax. Still need some time to find a good item and supporter line for a speed Latios variant. Including Genesect V can make the deck much faster to the point that it can rival the speed of Mew Genesect itself but this sure comes at a cost. You include a 2-prize engine into the deck which may make the fact that you run a 1-prize attacker obsulet.

Dark Espeon

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Hi folks,

Since Ultra Ball has been re-released last week the deck has been modified to include three copies of them into the list.

Ricky W

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Hi Dark Espeon, firstly thanks for sharing the deck list.

Your original post has a typo. The text lists 4 Fog Crystal (search) which would bring the total cards in the deck to 61, whereas your image shows 3 Fog Crystal (search).