Funny TCG encounters


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I, once again, out of my mind. So, I decided to write about funny Pokemon TCG encounters i thought of :p.

1.With no benched Pokemons, Mew ex LM vs Snorlax DF.
2.Ditto as Mr. Mime vs itself.
3.Dewgong DF with 3 Fire energies vs Dewgong DF with 3 Grass energies with no benched Pokemons.
4.With no benched Pokemons, Mew ex LM vs itself [Oh, sorry c-m i meant "himself"].

Oh well... I had nothing to do! [Oh yeah, I really don't think that this is in the right forums, please move to correct! Thanks.]

Can you think of a funny encounter?


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What is the Dewgong so funny about?

Edit: Oh I see. 0 damage. All of them are nice though. Good job!

Two Unown Ls with no bench pokemon?

Roy 747

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ditto vs. ditto
dustox vs. dustox ex
aggron ex CG vs. wobbufet SS (no benched pokes)
skarmory DS vs. Heracross DF
deoxys delta defense VS. self
igglybuff CG vs. self


need politoed ex! juz 1 more~~
silent swordsman said:
Togetic DF Vs Togetic Df

silent swordsman
but, they can still atk, which isnt that funny...

anyway, what abt full raichu δ VS full raichu deck, zzzzzzzap for 0 ;)


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Here are some I thought of long enough:-

a) Safeguard non ex Pokemon with Mysterious Shard.
b) Pokemon with Free Retreat Cost with Fluffy Berry.
c) Smoochum vs Smoochum (With no Pokemon in deck.)
d) Shedninja and Fossils vs. Shedninja and Fossils


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itself is ok, saying herself or himself would be wrong, I just hate the fact that mew has the illusion of being a girl just because it's pink...
also, when talking about a card in general it would be the most appropriate at all times

I did have snorlax vs snorlax on my pre 2 days ago :F

and I think i once ended up mew ex vs mew ex with almost no strong pokemon in play, funny :F

I'm too lazy to come up with stuff like this myself now, I guess typlosion UF and meganium UF is one, or dustox ex vs dustox ex or spinda vs spinda, see too lazy to come up with stuff :F

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My Active Rocket (set) Magikarp with Benched Rocket (set) Magikarp
Opponent's Base Set Magikarp with Benched Base Set Magikarp.

Oh, and this actually did happen in a game I had at league once. :)


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armaldoEX said:
d) Shedninja and Fossils vs. Shedninja and Fossils

This happened during the Grinder twice. One of those games lasted about an hour and a half. I don't really find it very funny after that.