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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by GluttyTutty, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. GluttyTutty Aspiring Trainer


    Im starting to get back in to PTCG and I never liked the competitive decks i kinda like being edgy.

    I was maybe thinking Golispod/Buzzwole or Lycanroc/Greninja but whatever just fun decks.

  2. Shikageru Aspiring Trainer

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    Something I've learned: edgy is good. Meta and 'competative' are 'good' as well.

    Consistency is KING, though.

    Make something as consistent as possible if you want a safe bet.

    However, experimenting and seeing what weird combos you can come up with (looking at you, Koko Seviper poison smack deck....or Goomy hustle belt) is always fun too.

    Depends on your budget and what you're trying to do with it. Edgy suggests anti meta to me, but frankly, I think something like Scizor Garb could be fun and gained some tricks with Lost Thunder. Baby scizor, dialga, and counter gain are beautiful cards.
  3. Dante 21 Aspiring Trainer
    Dante 21


    If you like Golisopod deck, here a very fun deck: Golisopod Zeraora. I try it out, and wow, was it fun and strong.

  4. Laurier_Ex Ninja master


    If you want to play edgy, like to work on your deck constantly and like to have flexibility in your tech options and if you play expanded check out my last Ninja Box deck. While it has still a few weakness it can win against a lot of matchup. I believe that SM9 will also give it a very good boost with Eevee&Snorlax Gx Tagteam.

    If you play standard and you like it edgy i will agree with Dante 21 on the Zeraora-Gx/Gollisopod-Gx. I posted a list 1-2 weeks ago. It is fun to play with the 2 Prism Stadiums. One helps against spread decks and the other allows Zeraora to hit 160dmg with only 2 energies attached. I also made the deck work with Arceus Prism (the one who accelerate enery) but it is probably not as good as Vikavolt (except sometimes you can charge on your first turn). Have not played it up to the point where I can say how matchup goes and if it is good overall but it is definitely very enjoyable.
  5. dangs91 Aspiring Trainer


    I really like this deck and recommend it. It does not appear to be great but it definitely works
  6. GluttyTutty Aspiring Trainer


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