Full Metal Wall in February

Swampert Full Art

Why would you think Ultra Ball, Beast Ring, Metal Frying Pan, and Acerola would get SRs? So far they have just given us SRs of new non-alternate art trainer cards.


Aspiring Trainer
If these SRs in fact make it into our May set, meaning that they and their regular art forms are reprints (resetting their standard legality), Unbroken Bonds will 99.9% become the new standard pack value in PTCGO. I already expected a much with Dedenne GX, but we all know one card doesn't make a certain set the standard, rather a combination of multiple useful and sought after cards. I could see the Brooklet Hill SR making it into this set as well further cementing the set's value.


Not liking the Blastoise art at all. It looks off. Reminds me off the Red/Blue Blastoise sprite back in 1999.. Nostalgia is nice and all but that's not a good thing.


Buzz&Phero had the best regular art TTGX and these ones don't dissapoint either. Ultra Beasts just have such cool designs in general.


Literally a sheep
The renders for the full art beasts are fantastic, that Celesteela may be one of the best normal full arts yet.

But I think the real winner here is the SR Buzz/Phero. The artist really did them justice and it furthers how good of a new collectible these special art tag teams are.