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We now have the full set list for Fusion Strike, including all its secret rares!
The set contains a whopping 284 cards. This is once again the largest English set in history, a record that continues to break every year.
As we knew earlier this year, Fusion Strike would be a “catch up” set. Because Chilling Reign had to accommodate multiple Japanese sets, 55 cards were cut from it and pasted into Evolving Skies, which meant over 90 cards were cut from Evolving Skies and pasted into Fusion Strike...

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The two cinderaces confused me for a second, was wondering why the one want single strike but then remembered/saw. I am happy about the double toxtricity and falinks in the set though.

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"Largest set in history!!" AGAIN! In other news, water wet! More at 11.

Well, at least they did include the Celebi V and Espeon VMAX alt arts.


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Do these gigantic atrocious sets actually excite people any more? I've been over it forever and the scalping/shortage situation certainly doesn't help.
Nope - I want 3 cards from this set and outside of Pre release I won’t be opening any as the odds to get what I want are juts not worth it. I’m buying singular for this set where as 99% is just bulk/unwanted cards


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Even though we've known it was happening for a while, it still kind of baffles me that TPCi chose to put all of the cards from the Family box set in here. The set would still be bloated with unplayable filler cards even if they were cut, so... yikes.

Looks like Lost Thunder and Cosmic Eclipse are still the best November sets in recent memoryyyyyy