Friday & Saturday, 8/11 - 8/12, EX Crystal Guardians Set List, Scans, Info


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Tomokazu Komiya said:
^ Uh, when didn't they?
Holon Phantoms. I've got a reverse Mawile and a Blaziken here, neither have the gold lettering. Quite frankly, I don't like the gold lettering. I'm sad to see it return. (Though for reverse holos of Delta Pokemon, it would be more difficult to tell the difference between a normal and reverse holo without them, even though the logo is there.)
Tomokazu Komiya said:
Heh. They censored G-r-a-s-s. :p
Seriously? Lemme test this...
Mass Pass Grass Class Sass Glass Brass Bass Harass Surpass


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^ yeah, even our beloved friend nosepass, who ofcourse is not grass, and our good mod bass, who ofcourse is not a lass, yeah, WPM surpassed himself this time :p

OMG, there's going to be a bunch of rulings on jirachi ex' 1st attack, wait and see

so, WPM, if you could please try to get scans without the set symbol, cause it's difficult to make avatars with those, thanks.