Friday again, 9/1, Two New Pokemon


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I did not notice anything new except for the new pokemon that are out already and of course pikachu.:)


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omg...YUCK!! Those are by far the worst Pokemon I have ever seen!!! That cat is just UGLY! And the prevo is just strange...It looks like a baby chansey in Santa Clauses pants, but they were to large for it. YUCK!!! I have lost faith now. Butter us up with the awesome Pokemon, then make us gag on terrible Pokemon. "shivers"


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Why is everyone saying, "that better not be a Chansey pre-evo/OMG!" when it obviously IS a Chansey pre-evolution? lol..

They're just trying to fill in gaps all over the place to give nearly every Pokemon an evolution or baby form.. that way they have at least 2 Pokemon in each Poke-line and a lot with 3.


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that baby looks like Chansey Prevo! but like others had said, it might be not...
well, let's just wait and see... :rolleyes:
and the cat-like... emm... strange enough for me... >,< look at its tail...

*still, I can't stop looking at that charming little cute penguin XD*

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I hope that Chansey wanna-be is a fake (plz no more baby Pokémon....I know most of them r cute....but this one takes the ugly-stick)


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seriously! has nobody else noticed the cat is missing a back leg? unless it is a 3 legged cat! at that angle the picture is at you would have at least seen the foot (if it does have 4 legs). im seriously hoping they are fakes.


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O yeah! I just realize it.. no 4th foot!
Did they forgot to add it? >,<
is it a fake? I think it's not a fake...
where did WPM get this image?


Nah, I don't it's missing a back leg. It's just the point of view.
And that...thing does not get the ugly stick! If it really is a Chansey prevo, it's like my cousin or something. :D



I think we've all established we hate the babies, dang Nintendo, listen to us for once. Pokemon is such a huge franchise that they will probably do a another gen after this... and I hate to think what that might be like.

The cold hard fact is that whenever a piece of DP news is released, it often makes me cringe. Now that just isn't right.

Chansey, sudowudo, Mr mime, Mantine... so help me if delibird or stantler are next. Perhaps babies might play an important role in DP, if that were the case it wouldn't be half bad.


looks like a baby chansey and an evolved form of delcatty...FREAK CAT!! lol


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ugu every time i look at those 2 i feel like gaging...

Why can't Nintendo come up with some more cooler Pokes that don't make ppl like us who like Pokemon look like a Buch of babies...

i wish there were more Pokes like Dirugia & Parukia & Groudon & Kyogre & Rayquaza.That could change the age requirement for the games wich we could all benefit from...who wants Pokemon to be a kiddie show anyway???

that Springtailed*gags* & don't even get me stated on baby Chansey:(


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The little Baby Chansey thing looks creepy... Ridiculous, really.

The cat one looks pretty good. Diverse :rolleyes:


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the 2 pokèmon look fake to me. especially the cat. i mean, it just looks thrown together and not thought about. i hope they are both fake. they kinda make me want to puke...and the baby chansey thing looks maybe to babish to me


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I think the cat is fake. If it is real then I dont like it. The baby chansey looks real to me but hopefully that one will be a fake too. I am sick to death of babies. If there HAD to be a new baby I would rather it be a likitung baby than chansey.