Friday, 9/15, TFG, AG Spoilers, DP Interview, Two DP Videos


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I liked the 2nd D/P video. I thought the Wind farms and Train was quite impressive how they did it. Nice to know that Zubat is obtainable in D/P, another Crobat coming my way =P


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So cool both of my fav characters r going to shinou(Ash & Gary)

wonder what Aipoms evo iz gonna be like,hope itz something Strong like a Gorilla.

Yay & Gary has an Elekible,but why does Ash hafta lose to it,why send out Pikachu when he has Sceptile???

Speaking of wich if Ash was mean to have the 3 Strongest Starters evovle than why didn't his Totodile ever evovle???


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Well, I like the fact that both Ash and Gary are going to Shinou. I like the fact that both the annoying May & Max are going to Johto. I odn't like the fact that Sceptile and Torkoal is not following Ash. Secondly, Brock MIGHT make a comeback in the Shinou League. Why? That's because he's like Ash's walking Pokedex, but he doesn't have a weird Computer-fied voice.

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the reason why brock is going is because Ash can't survive a week without Brock, no decent food and now washed clothes...
aipom getting an evo is a good thing, since it needs one
the videos look nice
the start story is good, you finally get some more contact with your rival, and he's your friend for once...
the figure game looks nice, but I'll probably won't be spending money on it until a mew appears
Tsunekazu Ishihara seems to be obsessed with the DS:p, he's a nice man, and I agree with most of the things he said.


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That is too bad that the cast of the advaced generation is going to end soon but at leaest brock is comming along with ash in the shoru region since he has been in every seasonexcept the orange islands and I can't wait for diamond and pearl and thanks for brining back the news capsules WPM.:)


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it is cool how the pokemon pearl and diamond will have cool graphics, it looks 3-D and 2-d combined!!!


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Cool, Brock back, I hope thats Brock's Hikozaru
Brock's new clothes look kind of different

Cool videos

Hikari's still hot


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Just want to add something about the TFG. Its not a poster, i was out of a mag. 2nd: That is the first set.