Friday, 7/14, NEW Pokemon!! (DP stuff too)

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RE:  Friday, 7/14, NEW Pokemon!! (DP stuff too)

bacon-boy said:
That thing is scary... That one looks ok, but I prefer completely new pokemon to the evolved/pre-evolved forms of the older ones. And as you can see, they've done that ALOT with the fourth gen already O_O hope there's no more.

Well we did get that Pikasquirrel thing, That doesn't really seem like an evolution/pre-evolution. Just another Pikachu lookalike :/ .


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hmm...not bad. kinda scary but i bet it's stats are amazing. it would be cool if magmar and even pincer got a new evo. and maybe even lapras could get a pre-evo


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RE:  Friday, 7/14, NEW Pokemon!! (DP stuff too)

hummers2187 said:
In the third and second gen games how many pokemon did they have that were evo/prevo of pokemon in past generations. I know that the second had a ton and third had only a few. Does anyone know the exact numbers?

Second Generation: 18
- Pichu
- Cleffa
- Igglybuff
- Crobat
- Bellossom
- Politoed
- Espeon
- Umbreon
- Slowking
- Steelix
- Scizor
- Kingdra
- Porygon2
- Tyrogue
- Smoochum
- Elekid
- Magby
- Blissey

Third Generation: 2
- Azurill
- Wynaut


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this one

And Gen 4 we already have...
Mime Jr.
*Electabuzz Evo (Unconfirmed)

I really like pokemon like this i hope we get as many as the second gen had. I am surprised that we have not seen any related to the 3rd gen it seems kinda wierd how all these have been related to the 1st and 2nd.
Also i don't think any of the 3 pokemon revieled in coro coro are related to past pokemon because on a page that shows the new pokemon on the dp website it doesnt show any evos for those pokemon but it does for the other pokemon that have past relations.

when are we going to get the rest of the new(DP movie Trailer & Pokemon wonderland) from japan? isnt saturday over in japan?


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RE:  Friday, 7/14, New D/P Shadow Pokemon Revealed!

+ Cascade Gonpory inc. + said:
There is not only one sillouette there :O! there like, 6 that i can make out!!! with question marks on them!!! ahhhhh! this is SO insane!


I can see a few pokemon in this i MIGHT recognise, like, aipom, Pinsir and Sentret!?!

The two at the bottom are just the silhouettes of the two legendary Pokemon figurines.


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No...I don't think Jynx should evolve. She already have too many controversy. Evolving her might create a new one. =)



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That's awesome and why don't they make it number 456 or something because evertime they come out with new pokemon they use the kanto numbers instead of their real number?:)


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well well... looks like my three day disappearance made quite the husttle, no?:p

and yes you guys, I must say, that new Pokémon looks like an electabuzz evolution. if not, I'm stunned! anyways, like every one else, I think there will be a magmar evolution too, since magmar and electrabuzz are a sort of ''rivals'', if not counterparts. can't wait for DP! :D

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RE:  Friday, 7/14, NEW Pokemon!! (DP stuff too)

MysteryE said:
Well, if Electabuzz has an evolution, then maybe Magmar, or even Pinsir also get their own evolution...
Yeah, I definitely think Heracross should've been Pinsir's evo.... I mean, it just makes so more sense!!! I can't believe they didn't even think of that!