Friday, 6/30, New DP Pokemon


To me they look bigger than g and k
But i wonder how the third one looks.?
but also look on the top page you see three more pokemon.


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The magazine won't be released till July 15th or so, so we have to wait before names and better pics.

I think the purple one at the top is Aipom's evo..

EDIT: Actually, it looks more like Sableye evo, since I think those brown parts on it are the names.

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yay, I really hope aipom has an evo, maybe with 3 tail-hand (how do you call those things)

anyways, they look blurry, they could come out ok, I think diamond is the blue one, and I like both.

BTW, it looks like 2 bat-pokémon are flying at the left of the new flower-like pokémon


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wpm,do you think you would be kind enough to get us some zoomed images of the magazine cover?

Apperently there Names are(jp only & partial names) Tia=blue & Gia=pink

weird they are cyborg pokemon created by the heads of the 2 Villanous teams in Diamond & pearl, & just to clarify Tia represents a diamond & Gia represents a pearl.

Similar 2 Goudon & Kyogre The Pokemon are coveted by the oppesite team that they represent.:)

these are going to 2 very though pokes. Cause there types are steel/?

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well, anyways, I honestly taught deoxys looked ugly when I saw the it for the 1st time, so this can be the same, cause they look like digimon, or gundams, or aliens, but not like pokémon, but all we can do is wait, but for what I saw, those 3 pokémon at the top look cute.


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Awesome new pokemon and I can't wait until the names are revealed and I hope aipom evolves too.:)

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wow,very cool. the pics are a bit blurry so it's hard to tell, but i think we see our new LEGENDARIES!

ps. I hope Aipom evolves, like something named Monken or something ;).

Arcanine out.

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Hark, doth mine eyes betray me not when I cast them upon a new Perrap card?

Is there a bigger image of the magazine picture than what's on the main page? Because I can't see anything except the 2 weird Power-Rangers-Beast-esque creatures in the middle (or thine Perrap card). Oh well, new Pokemon is always good news. :p


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Especially the Pearl Monster...I think we can confirm they're the legendaries, because the name of the game is on top of them. ;)

*Hopes Aipom evolves into cow-like Pokemon*



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The blue one looks like it has a diamond on it...
And the pink one obviously has a pearl on it...

Man, I was so planning to get Pearl (just cuz of the name haha), but the Diamond guy looks really cool...

Hmmm, they both look crazy though...

They look more like Digimon than Pokemon... like some crazy strong monsters wanting to destroy everything XD

All we can do is wait and see...