! Friday, 3/31, Gyarados * AND Latios

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UPDATE: Latios added.


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RE: Friday, 3/31, Gyarados *

Hmmm, I can't even see it. Could you email me it?

*EDIT* Thanks. Looks like 102/110. Illustrator Masakazu Fukuda

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RE: Friday, 3/31, Gyarados *

think it is 102, anyway, I adore the card. with some holon farmers in your deck he would be unbeatable


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RE: Friday, 3/31, Gyarados *

this one is another playable * Pokemon...
nice to have it in a deck! :)


It'll be very broken if it can stop EX too but You can still take out a lot of nasty poke-bodies like sand-damage; I think it will become a tech just like solrock and lunatone from LM


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I think Gyarados * is still useless until we get Delcatty ex. The translation we know and love may not be 100% accurate (according to the translation, Latios δ and Latias δ shut down Pokémon-ex's Poké-Bodies). Here's hoping.

Dual Aura is Pokémon-ex's best friend. Everything with Safeguard all of a sudden doesn't have it anymore. Now Pokémon-ex can own things with Safeguard without being called Feraligatr ex or Medicham ex. Unfortunately, Dustox ex still retains Safeguard because of that darn ex status.

Shuckle's still got Extra-tight, but he's a joke. Anyone really use him?

You can combine them with Lunatone and Solrock to lock down a lot of stuff. Of course, that means four spots on your Bench are filled, leaving just one spot open for your attacker. All four are susceptible to Space Center, so if one gets stuck in play somehow, game over.

I tried a deck like that (using Lunatone and Solrock as Bench warmers with Battle Frontier as a stadium to lock up things while Wigglytuff ex Stolen things up front) at States. It was hastily built and didn't do too well (I had to leave early, but I am sure I would have lost the remainder of my matches - I did get one win though!).

My two cents.


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I used shuckle at a tournament once. Hes awesome in double battles when ure opponent sends out an ex


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that gyrados is a bit scary, but i guess cool as a finisher.

HAHAHAHAHA (Yu-Gi-Oh! laugh)

just to win, i'll switch for gyrados and all out burn you to death.

or whatever.

*retreats to his holding cell*


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hm. 102/110.
EXACTLY like the one on my speculative set list ;)
this officially disproves the eevolution pokemon*'s.
wanna know why?

102/110 gyrados*
103/110 mewtwo*
104/110 pikachu*
105/110 energy
106/110 energy
107/110 energy
108/110 energy
109/110 energy
110/110 energy

b'duh. no room for vaporeon, umbreon, etc. sorry eevolution fans--looks like you just got D0NK'D.


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wish the eevee alution *'s were in here now the set has gotten alot less apealing, granted the RH are good but itll prob only be like DS where it was 1 ex or * per box, dam, o well, least mew and gyra * are awsome



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Who says they can't be boxtoppers or secret rares?
^You act like you know something we dont?
or is it just speculation?
on a side note... wasnt there talk about unowns in miracle crystal, what was that about?