General Free QRs! TCGLegit Joins the PokeBeach Community, Join Ours as Well!


Aspiring Trainer
Hi there!

I am Joel with TCGLegit and we are a growing business on social media, we are an online webstore and social media breaker and have a ton of great things going on!

Please join our community as we are happy to join yours, we have amazing prices, and even more amazing giveaways and raffles that we conduct each week!

We are a family owned company and look forward to creating a strong and lasting relationship with our community.

We are LIVE on TikTok 6 days a week, stop by and come say hello!

Thank you all in advance and we look forward to seeing you on our streams!
If I follow you on TikTok will you hook me up with some codes for PTCGL? I will definitely check you out, just having trouble building a good deck online currently. Any advice on what deck to work towards let me know lol