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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Kato, Oct 7, 2020.

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    Was looking through some of my old Pokemon cards and looked some of them up for fun but i couldnt find any online that had the same effect as mine. So my question is if its fake or maybe special.

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    The official Poké website contains no cards released under Wizards of the Coast, and the first card I saw in your link was a Reverse Holo Charmander from The Legendary Collection, a set released under WotC. WotC originally licensed the Pokémon TCG to release it outside of Japan, but in 2003 they failed in their bid to renew that license and Pokémon USA, Inc. (PUI) took over in the states. Similar companies took over for other regions, and were eventually merged to form The Pokémon Company International.

    Relevant to you is that Poké may not technically own the rights to images of the WotC-released cards. WotC tried to retain the Pokémon license, and PUI may have released their first set a little too early, legally speaking. There were also a lot of decisions WotC blamed on "Japan" (meaning The Pokémon Company or its subsidiaries) that, when asked, "Japan" blamed on WotC. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the unpopular decisions (like eliminating the 15+ age bracket) were reversed as soon as PUI took over from WotC. Again, the main thing to understand is that there is bad blood between the companies, so you'll need to consult sites with scans of older cards, like Pokéllector or PkmnCards.

    If you were using one of those sites, and that Charmander is just the exception, let me know. >.>

    ...or I can be an idiot and get the card number for the Charmander card I was talking about wrong. The Legendary Collection is officially a 110 card set and its set symbol is clearly not on that card. It has the numbering from Base Set. It does look familiar though. I don't know if they were legit, but I recall some sticker versions of Base Set trading cards from back in the day. Of course, 20 years later, such memories could be a corruption of something else.

    Thankfully @MasterGallade wasn't asleep at the switch like I was. >.>
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    Yeah that's 100% fake lol
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