Ruling Forest of the giant plants


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There's nothing on the card about searching your deck, so you can't do that. If you have the evolution card in your hand, you can play it even if the lower stage just came into play.

Note also that FOGP doesn't combine with cards like Rare Candy and Evosoda to form some kind of "super effect." The restrictions on those cards are still in effect.

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Moved to the Ask a Professor Forum since the poster is asking for a ruling on a card rather than general advice on strategy.

Forest of Giant Plants allows Grass Pokemon to evolve on a player's first turn or the turn they were put into play. So, if you place an Oddish on your Bench, and also have Gloom in your hand, you can evolve Oddish into Gloom right away, without having to wait a turn as you normally would. you could even go right to Vileplume if that was in your hand. Forest of Giant Plants does not let you search your deck for the Evolution -- it needs to be in your hand, but you can play a card such as Ultra Ball to search your deck for the Evolution and then evolve your Pokemon. All other rules regarding evolution still apply. Mega Evolution will still end your turn unless the Pokemon has the appropriate Spirit Link, and you can't use Evosoda to evolve a Pokemon that was played that turn because Evosoda specifically says that you can't.