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Standard Foresight (Iron Valiant ex / Xatu / Radiant Alakazam / Iron Jugulis)

Dark Espeon

Dark Avatar


Pokémon (12):
1 Iron Jugulis SV4 (beatdown)
1 Radiant Alakazam (enables)
4 Iron Valiant ex (beatdown)
3 Xatu SV4 (acceleration)
3 Natu SV4 (evolution)

Trainer (36):
2 Boss’ Orders (control)
3 Prof. Research (draw)
3 Worker (draw)
3 Iono (draw)
3 Future Booster Energy Capsule (enable)
4 Escape Rope (control)
1 Super Rod (retrieval)
4 Switch Cart (retreat)
3 Tech Radar (search)
4 Fog Crystal (search)
3 Ultra Ball (search)
3 Department Store (search)

Energy (12):
10 Psychic Energy
2 Jet Energy


Start with either Iron Valiant ex or Natu. Make sure to have two copies of Iron Valiant ex and two copies of Natu on the bench on the first turn. Switch between Iron Valiant ex to place damage counters on the opponent’s side of the battlefield. Next turn evolve Natu into Xatu and start to accelerate to Iron Valiant ex or Iron Jugulis. The latter is used as a tech to handle evolving Basic Pokémon or draw engines such as Comfey once Manaphy has been taken out with Tachyon Bits.


Iron Valiant ex
Basic Psychic Pokémon
HP: 220
Ability: Tachyon Bits
Once during your turn, when this Pokémon moves from your bench to the active spot, you may put 2 damage counters on one of your opponent's Pokémon.
[P][P][C] Laser Blade: 200
During your next turn, this Pokémon can´t attack.
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: M

Iron Jugulis
Basic Colorless Pokémon
HP: 130
[C][C][C] Homing Heads
This attack does 50 damage to 3 of your opponent’s Pokémon that already have any damage counters on them.
[C][C][C][C][C] Baryon Beam: 150
If this Pokémon has a Future Boost Capsule attached, this attack costs [C][C][C] instead.
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: L
Resistance: F

Future Booster Energy Capsule
Trainer - Pokémon Tool
The Future Pokémon this card is attached to has no retreat cost, and the attacks it uses do 20 more damage to your opponent’s active Pokémon.

Techno Radar
Trainer - Item
You must discard a card from your hand in order to use this card.
Search your deck for up to 2 Future Pokémon cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.



3-3 Xatu and Natu: Used to draw and accelerate energies to the main attackers at once.

1 Radiant Alakazam: Redistrubute damage that accumulates on the battlefield.

4 Iron Valiant ex: The main focus of this deck. The idea is to switch between multiple copies of Iron Valiant ex to activate a sufficient number of Tachyon Bits to set up knock outs.

1 Iron Jugulis: Solid one-prize attacker that can also be used to snipe multiple Pokémon at once as soon as Manaphy has been knocked out with Tachyon Bits and Radiant Alakazam on the same turn.


3-3 Prof. Research and Iono: The two of the best draw supporters in the game. Prof. Research provides consistent draw but discards the hand while Iono provides draw in the early game and disruption in the late game.

3 Worker: Direct draw works well with Xatu. In addition the side effect deal with Path to the Peak and provides stadium card denial to the opponent.

2 Boss Order: Gust is needed in almost all decks to ensure board control.

Items and Stadium:

4-3-3 Fog Crystal, Tech Radar and Ultra Ball: All three item cards can be used to search out Pokémon. Ultra Ball is the most universal search card but requires two cards to be discarded. Fog Crystal is restricted to Basic Psychic Pokémon but can also be used to search for Basic Psychic Energy, while Tech Radar can search two Future Pokémon at once.

4-4 Escape Rope and Switch Cart: The deck needs a lot of switch effects to active Tachyon Bits to set up knock outs.

3 Future Booster Energy Capsule: This card allows Iron Valiant ex and Iron Jugulis to retreat for free and increases their damage output by 20.

1 Super Rod: Retrieve discarded energy and Pokémon.

3 Department Store: Search for Future Booster Capsule.


10-2 Psychic and Jet Energy: The Basic Psychic Energy can be accelerated with Xatu and Jet Energy increases the arsenal of switch effects to use Tachyon Bits more efficiently.

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