Five Zygarde Formes, Including Zygarde Perfect Forme, Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

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The Ash-Greninja thing seems interesting, and like it has potential. Maybe in the next games it will be possible to achieve something like this, or perhaps some important characters have these kinds of Pokemon. It would be pretty cool to see a few other important anime characters have a similar thing going with their Pokemon as well.


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So when this will happen with Ash and Greninja... it looks like Pikachu haven't get a special treatment... his best friend... cough cough.. xD

But maybe will Serena get an Serena Delphox? xD


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I have no idea what to make of the Ash-Greninja form (that said just having a water type reach it's final evo makes me happy) If this type of form becomes a thing I'm not sure how it would be implemented in game. Considering (I immensely hope) character customisation return for Z.

Zygarde 50% is still the best looking of them, it's just a much more creative design. The final siphonophore just looks a lot like what we've seen before, I don't love it, I don't hate it. I don't understand the doge and I don't care for the mini zooids but I am excited that it could add a whole new gameplay feature which would make Z more than just XY but with Zygarde instead.


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I'm pretty sure it will be like: Team Rocket does something and Ash's Greninja stops them. Or since he'll appear in the Arc IV of Mega Evolution. Ash's Greninja will evolve to save the day (again). What's more interesting it IF this mechanic will be included in the games... We'll just have to patiently wait and see...

Makes sense to me. We'll probably just see this mechanic for Greninja (since it's centered around it) if it gets included in the games.

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'Cuz why not.

The name is....not good.

Even something like Ashninja or Greninash would be good.

I like how it looks, though!

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lol I LOVE Zygarde now. The CoroCoro scans didn't give it justice, but I even kind of like the dog forme now. Seeing as I initially hated the Unova Pokemon at first but then it's one of my favorite regions, I think I can grow on anything if you give me time


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Honestly, I think Ash-Greninja is just a way to differentiate Ash's Greninja from other characters' Greninja... Because there's that regular character ninja kid who also has a Greninja... If you notice, they almost never evolve an Ash's starter if there's a regular character which has that stage of the line at that time. Ash's Froakie only evolved into Frogadier after that ninja kid had already evolved his Greninja... And they need a way to differentiate ash's pokémon from others to not alienate the kids.
Back in DP, Paul's Torterra wasn't featured in the final full match against Ash because Ash was using his Torterra. Ash's Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava because Dawn had just got a Cyndaquil... There are a bunch of other examples...


Okay I'll say it, I don't like the Complete Forme, it's not doing anything for me.

This is the first time I don't like the design of a pokemon.


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Greninja always seems to get the most love out of the fully evolved Kalos starters. It appeared in Smash Bros. and now this. It's almost like TPCi want us to forget about poor Chesnaught and Delphox (although Chesnaught is getting a special card in the new TCG set).
Also those Zygarde formes are strange. I bet they will make a new game to feature those formes in.

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Clearer explaination! Honestly,I read it before you post it past 12 am in our area.
I was so curious on Ash's Greninja. He has Greninja already?!! Oh no,he owns another Dark-Type Pokemon,and its new look,it looks like he mega evolves at that art,but honestly,I don't know what happens on that EPIC art.
As I look to the magazine posted on this site,Ash has a Mega Evolution Pokemon?!!


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So could getting the Zygarde formes be a case of collecting enough cells in the key items and than having a core in your party/key items (depends on whether it's an actual Pokemon or not) and when Zygarde is out in battle or outside of battle if both those conditions are met it will change forme.

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So when this will happen with Ash and Greninja... it looks like Pikachu haven't get a special treatment... his best friend... cough cough.. xD

But maybe will Serena get an Serena Delphox? xD
Unfair,right!? Pikachu have on Ash's side for many years or let's say many regions explored together.

(You can delete my post if you don't like.)


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Please, please give us an early-game Core as a non-fighting pokemon in XYZ so we can go hunting Cells to get and use Dog Zygarde to finally capture Classic Zygarde to get Stupid Pumpkin Mazinger Zygarde and have a fantastic horde battle against yveltal and xerneas along with diantha or sycamore.


EDIT: Have you ever wondered why on earth a serpent with no visible mouth could use extremespeed, bite and crunch? what if a dog was there instead of the serpent? I can't believe it took me this long to notice this.
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I just remembered that one special episode... be warned as everything may (or may not) contain spoilers.

(This is the first time that I use the Spoiler tag, so I'm not sure if it's going to work. If any of you can solve the problem, I'll be ever grateful :D)

Ash Greninja.png

That may still be in Ash-Greninja's realm of possibilities. If you saw "XY & Z" 's trailer, Alain and Ash cross paths. So, if I guess right, and judging only by color schemes, Alain may have found a Greninjite in Act I, and he may give it to Ash in Act IV. Yet again, in the trailer, Greninja can be seen in his normal form before attacking, but he turns into his other form when surrounded by water. I am most certainly wrong, but this can be a possible explanation. I also like an explanation mentioned by one of the fellow users, who mentioned that Ash-Greninja's situation can be the same as AZ's Floette.


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Definately seeing the similarity between Ash-Greninja to Eternal Flower Floette here. It raises a few questions thouth. For example, why not Pikachu, is it because hes NFE? Are they hinting at future Mega Evos for the Kalos starters? Could greninja be stuck in some sort of awkward transition between learning how to mega evolve? Will we eventually see Serena-Delphox, or is this something exclusive to Greninja for promotion aka Spiky-Eared Pichu?

Id also like to point out that the Greninja also has the same red-black color add-on as AZ Floette does. It may just be coincidence but still worth noting.

I feel like this would be a lame excuse to not give the kalos starters mega evos, if thats the direction their heading. "Ash-Greninja is the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit."
I assumed that they were saving gen 6 mega evos for the XY sequel game, and it would be silly to not give megas to the starters, or even worse, none for gen 6 at all for that matter.
What if Greninja is in that awkward pre-mega stage, but cant actually fully mega evolve until they get the keystones? Would that also mean Florges gets a mega evo too?


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I always wanted gym leader's Pokemon to have a little bit of a unique flair to them. This would be great to see the main Pokemon of a gym leader have traits and features of the leader. Special Pokemon you see but can not own, but it's only a cosmetic change. It would liven up the Pokemon world.


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Zygarde forms : utter stupidity and lack of creativity. namely the dog thing (because it is just a thing), GF is tired and it seems Sugimori is yet again with artist's block!

Ash's Greninja: I hope it's not a Mega and if it trully isn't, it's something that comes late, just as the fact that GF dropped seasons, Pokémon following us and customisation in certain games.

Pokémon needs change but GF is shy.

Now I'll go back to my hiatus on this series. ZzZ...

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Read somewhere that the Greninja is just a special evolution. Because of their bond, it evolved to take the appearance of it's master. It is said to be a rare phenomena

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So uh, is the 10%, 50% and Complete forms a reference to the children of Loki? I mean Fenrir (wolf), Jormungadr (serpent) and Hel (troll? woman i.e. humanoid) respectively?

Otherwise, I'm not seeing why the forms are so drastically different from one another.