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NOTE: I mean first turn if you win the coin toss and go first. So the first first turn. I edited this post SS you interpreted it as if you went second - and for some reason I can't post replies...

Noob question, but can you use attacks on the first turn if they do not damage the enemy?

For example, emolga's call for family and rayquazas celestial roar?




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You can do any attack turn one as long as you can pay the energy cost. So, for Emolga, you may use call for family as long as you have any energy on him. The first turn you aren't limited to just damaging attacks.


You could always attack the first turn as long as you have the energy like ss stated. Even if it's a damaging attack. Sometimes attacking the first turn is the entire focus of a deck (zps, sabledonk, Uxiedonk, speed darkrai, CMT, etc) I'm only posting a reply since it seems you edited your post and ss did not, but I don't see how that post seemed like he interpreted it as going second. Turn one is turn one.


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As an aside, if you ask a question and require a follow-up, don't hesitate to ask the professor via profile comment or PM.