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Expanded First Try At a Modern Deck In Over 15 Years (Feraligatr/Octillery)


Aspiring Trainer
Ive been in a mood to play the game again and really liked where they were going with sun and moon and started to remind me of the golden era with the ex sets, but ultimately got disappointed with the introduction of the tag teams and and pokemon V as it felt theyre going back to ridiculous basic pokemon again. Something that turned me off with black and white and largely forgot about the tcg for a long while. Ive been really into collecting and wanting to play with the old gen 1 caeds and maybe considering base-neo, but i need to rebuild my collection. I came up with this as it reminded me of the old riptide deck a long time ago to get me back into olaying again whenever I see pokemon players between MTG modern tournaments or commander games. I'm also a player that likes eternal formats where cards never rotate, so expanded felt the best for me and felt like pokemin's "modern" format.

4 totodile (dragon majesty)
4 feraligatr (dragon majesty)
4 remoraid (breakthrougg)
4 Octillery (breakthrough)

4 rare candy
4 ultra ball
4 battle compressor
2 vs seeker
2 aqua patch
1 rescue stretcher
3 professor juniper
2 crasher wake
2 brooklet hill

20 water energy

My knowlege of the card pool isnt the greatest as I stopped playing around team rocket returns, but I did look at a lot of cards to make this. This was my justification for each card

Breakthrough Remoraid felt the best since it has the option to get rid of opposing stadiums

Dragon majesty totodile for its leer to try to prevent attacks or get lucky with early damage.

Breakthrough Octillery for the abysmal hand and help burn througg the deck as fast as possible

Dragon majesty feraligatr main attacker. Has the ability to OHKO pretty much everything once set up.

Brooklet hill fetches the two basics where needed

Crasher wake does helps with the decks main strategy if dumping energy for attacks and tutoring for any two cards.

Professor juniper is the main hand refresher and dumps the hand of unneeded cards and helps burn througg the deck a lot faster.

Rescue stretcher brings back whatever key cards were dumped or knocked out. It typically shuffles three cards in the deck

Aqua patch ramps feraligatr in one turn to attack

VS seeker extra copies of juniper or crasher wake. Comes in handy with how many cards are dumped.

Battle compressor pokemons's version of entomb? This really got printed? Considering how powerful buried alive and entomb are in Magic, this felt like an auto include, and it helps a lot.

Rare candy for feraligatr. Was saddened to see this card get nerfed so much. Pretty much just pokemon breeder now.

Ultra ball tutors pokemon when needed while at the same time dumping energis and dead trainers in the hand. Also gives bettery abysmal hands from octillery which was the main reason for it over dive ball.

The deck is fun but feels like it can be a little inconsistent in the early game sometimes and Octillery getting gusted hurts so much. Using a professor juniper with Octillery, rare candy and feraligatr almost feels like you csnt afford to make that move too. Anyone have suggestions?