First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'


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Will Ice rider calyrex VMax + Melony be good? I always wanted to play water type, and that second attack looks quite strong for me. I think the main problem is its weakness(ADP) though.

Yeah it's weak to Zacian and weakness guard energy can't be played here

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Shadow Rider VMAX worries me. I thought that VMAXs were gonna have high HP and not that great attacks to compensate but now we're getting VMAXs with both. This thing will break the game in half. Energy acceleration + Drawing is absolutely bonkers as an ability in addition to the high HP and the attack.

I've been playing Pokemon TCG since Black and White Boundaries Crossed and it's saddens me that the thought of leaving this game from how broken and untested it is getting saddens me. This doesn't look like Pokemon TCG anymore. This looks like Magic the Gathering with how broken their cards for their Standard are.


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And here I thought we would be getting a shrine of punishment for rule box pokemon instead of a buffed power plant


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I wonder if Path to the Peak was made with Expanded in mind or whatever new mechanic they're coming up with will not be considered Pokemon V...

EDIT: I wrote this post totally forgetting that Power Plant is not a Sword and Shield card and thus does not affect Pokemon V. lol
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When I saw Ice Rider Calyrex V,I was a bit scared of how useless would be the other cards.
Then I saw the other cards.


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>That stadium

oh my god...that is terrifying lol. How is anybody gonna play anything?!

My deck is gonna have a 4-of of this stadium, and 4-of Empoleon V. Have fun doing nothing.
Lol imagine if we get a Pokèmon with an Ability like Primal Clash Ninetales.Nothing will stop Path to Peak.

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Minor errors: Calyrex doesn't have a G-Max form. So the temporary attack name is "Max Geist or Max Poltergeist". So that people won't get misled. Also, include the phrase when Rule Box was mentioned on the card: (Pokemon V, Pokemon GX, etc., have Rule Boxes)
  • Ice Rider Calyrex V/VMAX - Simple yet powerful. First attack on the VMAX because the V wasn't good enough, 160 for 2 is nice to have, especially that's the damage to KO Centiskorch and Victini, which are the 2 Big VMax decks on the Japan tournament atm. 250 for 2 W is nice, looping the damage is the problem here. I always said that many times before on attacks like this, how do we loop the damage every turn? 4-5
  • Shadow Rider Calyrex V/Vmax - V isn't good, moving on. On the Ability on the Vmax itself makes it warrant of a 5-Geodude score. Pairing it with the good atk, if you can pull it turn 1, this will be a hard-hitting atk. 5 Geodudes
  • Cresselia - one of our pre-release promos for Chilling Reign. We need the Crisis Power Cinderace now. 3
  • Melony - Energy accel for V with a little draw. Kinda like Welder but devolved. 4 Geodudes
  • Foggy Crystal - nice consistency card for P decks. Also, Jirachi GX won't help Ghost Caly, that's what you need to know. 5 Geodudes
  • Path to the Peak - 5 Geodudes. No doubt.
  • Old Cemetery - easily counterable by other stadiums. 3 Geodudes


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damn true.

This is why I will never be a pro lol. cause i build decks like this

Thinking about it, it can work in some way. If youre fighting against someone who mainly uses Rule Boxed Pokemon, you can use Path of the Peak and ignore your Empoleon, if youre fighting against Rule Box-less Abilities, just use Empoleon

Maybe in your deck you can put something like a main attacker like RS Urshifu VMAX or Mienshao