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The first Pokemon GO cards and products have now been revealed!
The set will feature 78 cards before secret rares. Cards mentioned but not shown include Radiant Venusaur, Radiant Charizard, Radiant Blastoise, Dragonite VSTAR, and Melmetal VMAX.
The set’s products will begin to release on July 1st. As with all special sets, booster packs will only be available through these products; individual booster packs will not be sold.
It appears the “Radiant Eevee Premium Collection” will include a code card that allows players to unlock a special reward in Pokemon GO. It may be a shiny Eevee.
English Set’s Cards


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Looks very similar to Detective Pikachu, ie box-only boosters and deliberately terrible cards.
Can't wait for one of them to appear in a tournament deck too! (to be fair, Mewtwo JSTAR looks okay)


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Dragonite VSTAR
Ooooooooooo, this one interests me a lot. Dragonite V is a main attacker in one of if not the strongest deck in Expanded right now (ADP Dragonite). The deck is fine as it is without using an evolutions, but a decent/strong VStar Power could make it a great 1 of, and it can also allow the deck to get around Disgusting Pollen Vileplume lock (which is present in both Rowlegg and Evomancy lockdown decks).

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Ambipom is a nice little gimmicky guy. Ability is: When this pokemon takes damage, flip a coin. If heads, prevent that damage.
It's attack: [C] For every energy attached, flip a coin. This attack does 60 damage for each heads.
I like it
Whimsicott GX returns as a 1 prizer

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Mewtwo V/VSTAR - This Mewtwo might have some use as a nuke potential in P decks. 3/4
Alolan Exeggutor V - 6 energy just to snipe a Lumi? No thanks. 3-4
Melmetal V/VMAX - wait for a VMAX before making conclusions.
Snorlax - Block Snorlax, yes. Bad attack, no. 3
Magikarp/Gyarados - worth trying. 3/3
Aipom/Ambipom - FFI Noivern has some decent win rates, before it was bad. 3/3
Chansey/Blissey - Just a tank. 3/3
Lure Mod - fine. 3
Pokestop - searches items. CEL Mew as an item. Love it. But still, recent decks plays like 1-2 copies of each Stadium and tend to play 1-4 Stadiums per deck. 4-5
Blanche/Spark/Candela - meh. Worse than Hau if flipped tails and waste a supporter. At least, Team Mystic represent! 2/2/2
Meltan/Melmetal - meh. 2/2
Pikachu - meh.


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Cards mentioned but not shown include Dragonite VSTAR, Melmetal VMAX, Radiant Venusaur, Radiant Charizard, and Radiant Blastoise.

Oh okay cool, nobody's going to find this set in stores ever because there's the seventeenth shiny Charizard of the last five years, pack it in everyone.

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i may be wrong, but i think that blissey is the first single prizer to ever reach 200 hp (apart from wailords of course)
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