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    I guess I'll share my thoughts too, though I've finished neither Birthright nor Conquest. A part of me wants to restart Conquest on Normal difficulty to get a taste of the story tbh, because even though I'm enjoying the challenge immensely and the levels are all designed excellently, it is taking me a while to get through the game. :x I've already ended up sacrificing two party members (Jakob and Arthur) because I didn't really like them and I'd spent too much time on the level for my liking (like, a week each).

    I wasn't impressed with Birthright, in all honesty. The likeable, memorable characters are massively outnumbered by boring forgettable ones. The characters exclusive to Birthright I actually love are Kaden, Subaki, Sakura, Hana and Orochi. All of the others I could honestly care less about, though many characters who appear in more than one route (Kaze, Silas, Azura, Felicia and Shura) are also excellent, which is honestly Birthright's saving grace. There's just about enough characters there for a strong party, including the incredibly likeable children characters, many of whom I actually feel are better than their parents. I didn't focus on shipping characters going into Birthright so I only actually have Midori, Shigure, Selkie and Kana. I wish I'd picked up Asugi too, because he's damn fine, but I didn't know he was the kid of Saizo, and Saizo could be my least favourite character in the entire series. He takes boring and forgettable to a whole new level.

    Might as well spoiler the stuff about the story:
    Story-wise I'm up to probably the second or third last chapter, but I've totally run out of steam. Lack of actually effective and reliable grinding is the primary issue, because the chapter I'm stuck on (25) lacks any chokeholds, and as I'm a very defensive player this is a huge issue for me, especially as I have many defensive units. This means that I can't OHKO most of the enemies and my movement is poor. Anyway, the story has actually been pretty good. Better than Awakening without a doubt, though that's not saying much. From the start I felt kind of distanced from the story because if I were actually in Corrin's position I would undoubtedly choose to side with Nohr, so it took me a while to really get into it. However, after it's done introducing the bulk of the boring cast the story really comes into its own. Elise's part in the late game is the highlight of the story for me. I'd liked her in the pre-release but I didn't know that she actually did much in Birthright as well as Conquest, but when she appeared and made her adorable yet hugely impressive entrance my opinion of the game was immediately raised. Elise is my favourite character in the triad of games, though I'm yet to start Revelation and am only about a third of the way through Conquest.

    The other highlight of the story was Flora's suicide. Corrin's reaction to it was incredibly cringe-worthy and like, the sheer opposite of subtle, and it totally killed the moment. Still a highlight though, and so many emotions ran through my head during the scene. Especially because I find Felicia very relatable, so her emotional breakdown was more poignant for me.

    The comic relief is also done sparingly and effectively, which I appreciate. It's much more dark at times than what I expected, which means that comic relief characters like Kaden really stand out.
    On the topic of it being an actual game, the level design is... oftentimes questionable. Difficulty is fine, but tediousness... just isn't. When you have long chapters peak in difficulty right at the end, which happens several times in Birthright, it makes the game quite annoying to play. The worst chapter in the game so far is Chapter 21, which is about an hour's worth of playtime per run for me. It's easy but slow at the beginning, whereas at the end it's difficult... but also slow. I spent a couple of days getting very frustrated at the chapter, because I wasn't interested in letting any of my units die. Chapter 25 is similar because there are no chokeholds or defensive anything, really. You start the chapter under an onslaught from enemy units, and more units respawn right at the start a couple of times, wasting 10-15 minutes per attempt before you can actually progress, which is where it gets really tough with things like Fire Orbs and other annoying ranged attacks. It's just all in all a much more frustrating and time consuming game than it should be, because I haven't had the same problems with Conquest. Conquest does it right, where you overcome the toughest part of the level near the beginning and then become more fast and offensive later on. It's subtantially harder for sure, but it is genuinely more fun.

    Onto Conquest and I'm not very far through. Already it is substantially better than Birthright.

    Characters are all amazing and I love them. Jakob is still zzz and Arthur and Nyx have never really grown on me because they seem so shallow, but the other characters are all super individual and meaningful. I haven't got the part of the game with Xander yet, and he is one of the more boring royals for me alongside the Hoshidan royals, sans Sakura, but naturally there's still time for him to grow on me throughout the game. Odin and Niles are both absolute hot babes who I love juuuuust a little bit, which is surprising because pre-release neither of them were too notable for me. I played as the female character because I was male in Birthright, and I had a tough time choosing between them, though I eventually opted for Odin. Leo is more boring than I'd thought in the pre-release, but I also haven't gotten to him joining the roster yet. Elise is still amazing, and I feel like Beruka and Effie can only grow on me over time. Peri and Laslow have a good first scene but I haven't got any further than that. Either way, the lineup of characters in Conquest is amazing and it's definitely the superior game to Birthright.

    Story in spoiler:
    I'm only at Chapter 12 so don't expect anything amazing from me, but I think the Conquest story is overall better than Awakening and Birthright. I'm not sure whether I prefer it to the GBA game I've beaten (Sacred Stones), but I'd be lying if I said I'm not enjoying it. I'm very close to starting up a normal difficulty file for Conquest just so I can finish up the story quickly and then go back to my harder file for the challenge, because I'm really enjoying the dramatic irony of the entire situation with Garon and the revelation of the Hoshidans that they're actually huge jerks too, which was basically all I was thinking of during Birthright and their shameful chauvinism as a whole.
    The level design in Conquest is much better. I've enjoyed all of them so far, and as mentioned during Birthright, in Conquest the levels actually peak in difficulty at the start, so even though they are also long levels, it's much more enjoyable and it's not tedious. This is different to my second favourite game in the series (Sacred Stones) where the levels are much shorter and snappier, and I'm unsure which I prefer, but I love both of them. Longer levels are very satisfying to complete.

    Onto the reinvented mechanics for Fates as a whole: I love the new weaponry system. There is actually good reason to keep multiple weapons on a character and switch them around besides that the Iron Sword only has 2 uses left so you've got another one in the character's bad which means they lose out on another item for the rest of the fight, and this makes organising inventory space much more meaningful. The reversed weapon triangle weapons are in particular very interesting strategy-wise as it forces a lot of item cycling and equipping throughout the flow of the battle, and it makes the player feel like they have more control than basic movement. The other main mechanic which does this is the new stance system. Even though I'm a defensive player, in Birthright I find myself sticking to attack stances quite a lot, because I have several defensive characters who can adequately take hits and OHKO their aggressors with the support of another unit. Defense stances are useful in many other situations and different characters benefit from different stances in different situations, which makes the entire mechanic excellently balanced and actually forces the player to think and optimise their strategies on several different levels. It's just all in all a really good change from Awakening, almost combining the OP pairing mechanic in that game with the useful "shelter" actions found in earlier instalments like the GameCube games. I'd be interested in seeing Biorhythm return from those games at some point because I always found it very interesting, but that's probably just me. :p

    My Castle is actually a really nice distraction IMO. It's almost an Animal Crossing lite with more likeable characters, and visiting other castles is very fun. More customisation would possibly be appreciated, as well as, IMO, DVP being a fairly pointless and tedious limitation, but it's a feature I hope returns from here on out. The prison is very unique for strategy because it actually gives you some disposable kamikaze units, which in the early game of Conquest I found myself using quite frequently. On higher difficulties the units have unique skills not usually given to the class, allowing for even deeper strategy. An example would be the archers with counter found quite early in Conquest, which I can just throw at a strong melee unit to weaken a bit while dying in the process, guilt-free. Discounts on certain items based on the shopekeeper is also a very useful and polished feature, and I actually like the Private Quarters. Maybe not so much the bonding with your married unit, but making the other characters more relatable by interacting with them in a more personal, one-on-one environment is a fun distraction, even if it pretty much ends up with everyone just inviting their waifus or husbandos there. :x Even useless buildings like the Hot Spring (aside from recruiting Izana I guess) I always make sure to visit each day and when I complete a chapter, even if it means absolutely nothing in terms of story or battling as a whole. It just adds even more depth to many of the characters, which is never a bad thing.

    DLC has been handled quite boringly for me. The staggered releases of chapters after it's all been released in other regions is annoying and tedious. The grinding chapter is ruined because the enemies fight back, which defeats the entire purpose, and I've still never actually beaten it. The other DLC chapters are also needlessly difficult, though I've never tried to take them on with a very optimised party. When the pay 2 win chapters require a lot of time and effort to actually get a result from, it defeats the purpose of pay 2 win. On the other hand, I do massively enjoy all of the reclassing items you get from DLC, and that side of things is handled adequately.

    This post is um, long. Given the late release of the games in Europe I never really got the opportunity to talk about it with people since they'd all beaten it a couple times by the time I first got to play it, so... there you go, my thoughts! >~> Thena's post was a fun read so everyone else should post about their thoughts too. :D
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  2. King Xerneas Icy Goth
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    Woo the thread revived!!

    As one of those Americans that have had the game for almost half a year now I can say I've burnt myself from the 200+ hours I've put into it (at this point I'm just doing gimmick runs). My opinions on the story are similar to those of the previous posts, but I'll just skip them since I don't feel like spoiler tagging on mobile. But I'll just say BR Corrin > CQ/Rev Corrin.

    Mechanics wise I really enjoyed the removal of the weapon durability system as it was more of a hindrance than anything. Also the weapon buffing and debuffing really made you consider how and when you would use the higher rank weapons, but it did make S rank weapons basically useless outside of Pursuer and Excalibur. I mainly used Guard Stance over Attack Stance as I mainly focused on a couple of units per run and everything else would be pair up fodder (I'm looking at you Charlotte, Kagero, Nyx, Elise, and Arthur).

    When playing through Birthright, the characters kinda bored me and made the entire game a bit of a drag. Conquest on the other hand had A+ characters all around. The child characters were definitely horribly put in and explained and I feel like the only way to put them in a game effectively is through a time jump or time travel like Awakening did. Some of the kids were kinda meh, but I have a soft spot for them all since I'm doing a Eugenics Emblem run just using the kids.

    DLC has kept me sort of entertained, but Boo Camp is definitely no where near as good for grinding as Awakening's grinding DLC. Also since you Europeans have yet to get the Heirs of Fate DLC I'll just say the plot of it is basically what Revelation should have been (and it's also the reason I love Shigure so much), Matthew Mercer singing is reason alone to get it.

    I do hope IS keeps doing more FE stuff and I'm excited for what the next FE game has to offer ^_^
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  3. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    Have some dark humor

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  4. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    So you guys know how "Lost in Thoughts" is basically about the plot of the 3 routes right, well I was browsing the FE Reddit a while ago when I came across this wonderful rewritten version of the song which pretty much accurately depicts the games as a whole. Here's a spoiler with the lyrics if you don't want to hop to another page:
    You are the chosen hero, destined to be

    The protagonist for no reason.

    There are better options, standing right there

    They are smarter than you.

    In the first path, it plays it too safe.

    There’s an evil king who really needs to die

    Chapter fifteen, A support,

    To let Kaze see the rock.

    Play with me a game of big maps and routs

    The reinforcements come when boss is dead

    Hope you liked Valm arc, terrain less fields

    Lost in Plots all alone

    You are the chosen hero, destined to be

    The protagonist for no reason.

    There are better options, standing right there

    They are smarter than you

    Embrace the shit you call a plot

    Gaze upon an empty hero

    A fuckery of what a familiar disguiiiiiiiiiiiiise

    Play with me a game of plot holes and dumb

    The potential for the game hurts me

    The games pretty fun, just please press Start

    Lost in Plots all alone

    The path you buy first incites buyer’s remorse, so let them know

    just how much inferior their path is to your path, let them know

    Who really cares if both games kind of suck, not IS

    You already spent money, there are no refunds not here

    All sense falls away in the third path

    Nothing makes sense please buy DLC

    Takumi’s fine, not evil

    Just drop that major arc

    Play with me a game of gimmicks and length

    This is where rejected ideas live

    Finally I will tell what I should have told you

    In every other path

    You are the chosen hero, destined to be

    The protagonist for no reason.

    There are better options, standing right there

    They are smarter than you

    You are the chosen hero

    As a bonus I give you the fourth verse

    Thanks for giving money, just to fill plot holes

    It will kind of help but only for children

    Half assed kids get developed,

    Just for the fan service

    Play with me one last time, to patch this shit up,

    Thanks for twenty bucks now enjoy the song,

    This is Band-Aid solutions, fill in plot holes

    We know you will buy FE15.
  5. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Yeah, I saw that up on reddit too, it's pretty amazing.

    As anyone who's following along with my playthrough knows, I've beaten Rev now, and well... nah, I'm not even going to bother with spoilers.

    Gimmicky path is gimmicky. Character balance was amazingly awful. Oh, wait, one important spoiler.

    The best Corrinsexual character dies, RIP Izana. :< :< :<

    Only real good thing about the path is that it lets you get almost all characters (oh, wait, spoilers again),

    RIP Scarlet and Izana

    so you can have a golden save file for all your shipping pleasure.

    But the path tried to hard too shock you and make you care about things that you really have no real reason to care about. At least the final boss felt more like a regular FE final boss than any of the other paths?

    Slowly working my way through the DLC now. Hidden Truths was pretty cool and fun. Europe got the first half of Heirs of Fates last night so I'll probably play through those chapters soon, too.

    I've also started a Hard Mode Conquest run, now that I actually understand the game's mechanics and shit, and then I'll move onto Lunatic for all 3 paths. Should be fun!


    Also, kind of a side note for a spin-off game, but has anyone here played Tokyo Mystery Sessions #FE yet? I preordered the special edition (actually got it a day before release, too), but I haven't actually had a chance to dive into it. I'm not really much at all into the games aesthetic/style, but I've heard the gameplay is really good, so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.
  6. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    You're forgetting one last character you, for some reason, can't recruit


    I've also heard good things about Mirage Sessions and that it's more enjoyable if you don't think about it as a "crossover"
  7. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    That's because Yukimura is basically completely forgettable regardless. :p I mean, I like him as a character, but he comes in so late and does so little (even as an NPC) that I don't really have much reason to think of him. :U
  8. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    Omg, I got a bond unit with Sol as her Personal Skill, I couldn't be more happy!

    Also this units max stat modifiers are pretty good (Strentgh +2, Skill +3, Speed +1, Luck +3, Defense +1)
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  9. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    I'm completely new to this Fire Emblem thing, but I decided to give it a shot for on my way to Worlds, and I'm glad I did. Currently playing through Sacred Stones at the moment, although I'm not very far, and it's a very good game so far, although it's hard and I don't want my units to die.
    Right now, I'm on Chapter Five, or the one where Natalie comes running from Grado troops to join you. The game so far has been very enjoyable and has kept me hooked in. My best unit is currently Garcia by level, although I believe Seth and Fritz to be best by class and attacks. However, I've got no idea who to let die and who to keep, and as such I've been trying to keep everyone I can alive, despite having to sacrifice Vanessa in Chapter 4 so that Artur wouldn't actually die on the first chapter you get with him. I also never realized Eirika couldn't attack without the Rapier, so right now she's Level 2, which isn't great for the commander.

    Edit when posting: Fritz died, and I got Joseph. Is losing Fritz bad? I've got no idea.
    So are there any tips you have? I'm really new to this and have barely any idea of what these classes do or anything. I'll definitely keep playing this, but I just need some pointers and explanations. Glad to have discovered this series!
  10. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    I have some tips and basic advice for Sacred Stones. Although I've only played a few chapter of this Fire Emblem Entry. I'll get to classes later but first let's talk about the weapon triangle. It's by far the most important mechanic reoccuring in the series. As you may already know: Swords beat Axes, Axes beat Lances and Lances beat Swords. Other weapons like the bow are neutral. And magic tomes have there own little triangle. As far as my knowledge goes this system is used in all the Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem games. Keep this information with you, and always attack your enemy with the right weapon when possible.

    Classes each have their own set of weapons they can use. It's good to have some diversity in your group. Each class also has slighly different stats. The most important stat you need to keep in mind when attacking an enemy unit is Speed. When your unit has 4 or more Speed it will be able to Double Attack. Doing double the amount of damage. As for now, there are probably only a few units in your team that may be able to do this. For example Eirika is a lord, so she starts of with decent speed stats and good growths. I recommend training her well if you want to try mechanic this out.

    I recommend looking at your units other stats as well. Seth for example is probably one of your more bulkier fighters. Defense/Resistance reduce the damage of Physical/Magic attacks. So he may be suitable at the front lines to take a hit. Garcia is a fighter and has good strength and skill growths. He's good at eliminating. It's worth researching if the game gives you a hard time.

    That's already a lot to keep in mind, but let's not forget terrain effects. Mounted units can move farther. They're not always without a disadvantage though. In some maps forests or deserts slows them down. If you stay in the woods, enemy units have a harder time hitting you. If you place a unit in a fort. They're defense is increased and they may heal when your turns starts. Again, some diversity in your team never hurts.

    Now for some basic strategies. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with enemies. I personally think it's the best to keep your units close together. I choose which unit is most suitable at the front lines by looking at the enemies weapons and stats. You don't always have to take the offensive route. Some turns all I do is get my units in position and heal where necessary.

    Lastly, don't just let a chararcter die in vain, I guess sometimes a sacrifice is inevetable. But everyone can be a decent force. At some point you may have more units than you can initiate. that will be the time to choose which character you're going to train and who's going to wait at the side line. I bet losing Fritz is not a big deal, but when your army is low on units, you may want to consider repeating a chapter when you lose another character or two.

    Be careful and have fun @PikaMasterJesi
  11. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    I was going through a playlist of mine on YouTube and I ran across this little gem of a Toonami style trailer for FE: Awakening -

    I just get chills everytime I watch it (Sweet Naga I love Awakening's soundtrack) ^_^

    Side note: I remember when playing through Awakening the first time I wanted a FE: Awakening anime soooooo badly (despite the occasional plot hole), and I feel like they could've made something pretty good with the right people. I'm also a sucker for a good Matthew Mercer dub.
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  12. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    I posted this in the "What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?" thread, but it's relevant here too. So, I've accidentally come across the beautiful Fire Emblem cover:

    Is all Fire Emblem music this beautiful? It inspires me to try an emulation of one of the games. Though... I have absolutely no idea which one, if I do ever get around to it, so help please! xD

    EDIT: So, I just went and checked out the original, and I think that this cover is much superior. It feels much softer, while the original feels more forced or powerful. I'm curious - preferably without spoilers, where exactly is this Fire Emblem track used in the games?
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  13. quakingpunch73 King K. Rool ain't no fool!


    It's used when Azura performs for everyone in a opera house. The first verse is used in Birthright, and the second verse is used in Conquest.
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  14. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    The soundtrack of the Fire Emblem series is supreme if you ask me. But to be honest ''Lost in Thoughts All Alone'' is not a good example of its music library. It's pretty much the only significant song with a vocal songstress, and Fire Emblem Fates revolves around it. BTW I do like the original more than this remake. Personally I appreciate a soundtrack like 'Alight' a bit more, but only after hearing it a few times.

    EDIT: I changed the thumbnail to this, the previous one wasn't working anymore!
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  15. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Adding onto this, the third is used in Revelation. I've got the original on my laptop, but I haven't heard this cover yet.

    EDIT: I actually don't like this cover. The voice wasn't bad, but it was still hard to listen to for me, and there's obvious use of autotune in certain parts of the song. The song uses the translation of the Japanese lyrics, which I guess isn't bad, but the cover didn't do it justice for me. The transition to the Conquest stanza was also unnecessarily long when it didn't need to be. Overall, I prefer the original a lot more.
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  16. WinterPhoenix23 Aspiring Trainer


    I love t his cover. It made me fall in love with Fire Emblem Fates all over again. It really is a masterpiece and makes the in-game " lost in thoughts all alone" feel inferior.
  17. WinterPhoenix23 Aspiring Trainer


    I guess I will go ahead and share what I think about Fire Emblem Fates.

    First of all, I am going to compare this game to Awakening, the first fire emblem game I played and what ultimately made me pretty much start playing Fire Emblem religiously. ( I have bought all the Fates DLC and clocked well over 100 hours into both games.)

    First of all, I must admit I enjoyed Awakening more. Maybe it's because it was my first FE game. But I feel that robin is better than Corrin. I feel like the story was as good as conquest or better. And the characters all felt deep and memorable. This is the game that brought this amazing series back from the dead.

    However, I enjoy the multiplayer more in Fates. I like how maxing out stats and getting skills; building that perfect character- is a lot easier in Fates. And the amount of content in all three paths is immense.

    I like both games. I'm even playing the original GBA Fire Emblem right now. I like all of the different FE games for different reasons.

    Birthright was the first path I played, because I wanted the easier profile to be my physical profile in case my DLC is deleted. (I still regret not having the money to get the $90 Special limited edition set) Birthright was a huge disappointment. It's story, character development, and level structure felt insufficient to the other paths. I did like some of the new classes it gave us, but I do not like that master ninja replaced assassin, which was my favorite class in Awakening.

    Conquest was an amazing expeirience. It provided a great story, interesting characters, and challenging levels. I love how they brought in the awakening children, pawing, severa, and inigo, Even though they weren't all that great. It felt interesting to play on the dark side for once. The emotional and strategic points of the Nohr path were simply extroidinary.

    Revelation may not have matched Nohr in story or added a lot of new content, but I felt that it has given Dedicated FE players an amazing competitive battle profile. You get all the characters, all the items, and the opportunity to get even better children by marrying hoshidens to Nohrians and such. My main profile is currently a revelation profile. I love it.

    So there you have my opinions on Fire Emblem Fates. I love the series and am excited for the FE new app that Nintendo announced. I'm thrilled that there is other FE fans here on Pokebeach.
  18. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    OMG I love Amalee!! I also believe this cover is much much more superior than the original because (like you stated) the voice is much softer and not as nasally as Rena Strober's (the singer of the original track), and the lyrics are much more accurate to the story than the original as well since it pulls from both the Japanese and English versions. The remix they do for the endgame is also A+, and Matthew Mercer did his own rendition (since he voices a character important in the DLC) which is also phenomenal!
  19. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    This is actually my favourite cover of the song. The voice is (like everyone else has said) softer and the lyrics feel more powerful.
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  20. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Fire Emblem's got some decent tracks, though I've been playing with the volume off because emulation speed. Together We Ride from SSBM is one of my favourites.
    As a first game, I'd recommend Sacred Stones. It's a good start for a newcomer, and I think you'll enjoy it. It's a GBA game, by the way. It has likeable characters and is a nice challenge.

    Also, am I seriously the only one who can't stand that cover?!
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