February's English Set: 'Team Up!'


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Ok so it's confirmed, no caveat for the mechanic. Just put them in a deck and go huh? Ok, if you say so. Let's see how Japan does with this first, this may be a whole new meta come February.

Lord Goomy

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I don’t really like these new energy. I liked the SUM ones better because they were simplistic: the symbol and the background. Plus, with the sheer number of details, it just kind of feels like too much.
On the other hand, what will the secret rares look like?


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Glad we're getting this new energy type, I'd rather have it be a little different after having hundreds of the basic Sun and Moon kind we've been getting for two years.

Also, those are some SOLID dice. I'm loving everything about this ETB's design choices.


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When will they ever give us good energy like the ones from the HGSS series. I personally loved those because it looked like somebody thought about what they where putting on the card instead of just slapping an energy symbol on it.


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The energies are a bit meh for me tbh. I'll have to see them in person to decide how I feel about them. The dice, sleeves, and gx marker look very sharp though.


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Arceus could pair with Unown if they don't care about them both being the same type. (Or they just use a Mind Plate Arceus or something I guess, lol.) Actually, Draco Plate Arceus + Ultra Necrozma could maybe work...