February's English Set: 'Team Up!'

Swampert Full Art

Wow is that going to be the first ever non-holo Charizard, or have they made some before? Either way the blister pack assortment may be the best of the sun and moon era. No alternate arts!


I'm playing Big Blacephalon next quarter :)
The Pack Artwork is amazing, because of the fact it looks like it's been ripped straight out of DPPt! I can't wait to see our Pikachu and Zekrom Pre-Release Kit!


Still waiting for a shiny gastly card.
Finally some old school looking pack artworks,i love it! But the set name is one of the worst.


The Master of bad Pokemon
Everything I wanted for a bit in a single post.... there will still be more i would like tho... BUT this is filled with things i wanted!

Skeleton Liar

What is this--10 years ago? We're allowed to have hand-drawn pack art again? Finally!
(Yes, I know we've had hand-drawn artwork as recently as the ORAS era. It just feels like it's been forever.)

Despite all the Stage 2 nay-saying when Charizard and Blastoise were revealed, that's really neat that they're the theme decks for the set. They definitely have potential. Also, not very interested in the 3 pack promos, but hello, single pack promos! The artwork is too adorable. I'll definitely get both of those.


Aspiring Trainer
That Ultra Necrozma promo is an absolute game changer, definitely gonna need at least one in every deck, I've never seen a more useful card in my whole life.


Who else but Quagsire?
A nuzzle pikachu promo!!! OMG Pachirisu snuggly generator is playable again in standard!
I'll take 4 please!