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Hum...quite hard to put my finger on it.
I'm having a hard time chosing between Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
It'll have to be the latter. It was the one that got me into the series (and it was a random purchase), it has Dracula, a castle to explore (Castlevania) and a protagonist from an ancient line of vampire hunters that keep defeating Dracua and even have a whip called the "Vapire Killer".
Castlevania is my favorite series of games (the IGA (Koji Igarash) ones, not the Lords of Shadow and I can't speak for those pre-IGA since I haven't played any of them).


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Crash Bandicoot: Tag Team Racing
First game I ever played, and I still love it. Haven't played it for years, and I probably will never get the opportunity to again, but the hours I spent on that game were wonderful.
Semi-Open World/Racing/Third Person Shooter. Glorious.

I still remember so many of the shortcuts.

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Oh my gosh I don't know!

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies and Kid Icarus: Uprising are my top two definitely, but figuring out which is better is a massive pain in the butt so I'll say both.

I absolutely love character driven games like these both are. In a gaming era where developers focus on gameplay before the story (lookin' at you Miyamoto), these are two massive gems that stick out. The stories in these two games are the reason why I play them. It's like reading a good book.


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My favorite game ever is a very important famous, must-played, game ever in the whole world. I doubt everyone that said that they are a hardcore gamer if they never try this game at lease once!!!



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How is it that I wasn't aware of this thread until today?

Mine would be:

-Star wars: knights of the old republic II: The sith lords
The best, most complex star wars story ever told in a videogame. Also a treatise in philosophy.

-Portal and Portal 2
No words can make them justice, it's not common to all games on a series to be masterpieces, until portal, that is.

-Batman: arkham series (full)
Free-flow combat and predator missions. AS THE GOD DAMN BATMAN.
That's enough reason. Now buy them.
Oh, and also Paul dini's stories, you must love paul's stories.

-Assassins creed II
The best plot and character development of the entire series, and the step before the franchise declined in story quality and increased in content.

-Mass effect series
The best story and character development in any game. I'ts like a very good novel, but in it you can shoot space cthulhu, terminators, spec ops and interplanetary zombies, while you weep for the lost and have intimate moments with friends.

-Star wars: jedi knight: dark forces: mysteries of the sith
Old school, most of you were little when this game was out (I know I was). It is an expansion pack to a star wars jedi shooter. The game is excellent for its time, but the ending is simply grand. Just that. Grand.
You also get to fistfight a rancor. FISTFIGHT. A. RANCOR.

-Deus ex
Excellent games, not so much character driven, but a great story and an even better gameplay.

If portal represents the peak of intellect in videogames, journey is the peak of sensitivity.

And the ones I don't even have to explain:
Skyrim, The sims, Pokemon red, Scribblenauts, the lego games, Metroid (yes, even other M, despite the... questionable story), Mario galaxy, kirby, smash bros, all paper marios, the metal gears.


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Hard to pick one, so I'll just talk about my favourite series and my favourite games within them. :)

Lunar: The original Lunar games (Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue) were released on the Sega CD, but I played them for the first time when they were remade for PS1. To this day, Lunar sets the standard for what I like in an RPG, both in terms of characters, plot, and gameplay, as I think Lunar does great in all three, specifically Eternal Blue. Although the series kind of fizzled and died some time ago (the GBA remake of SSS was rather lackluster, unfortunately, and don't even bother with whatever is up with the weird DS game that doesn't even deserve to carry the Lunar name), the PS1 and Sega CD games are amazing and highly recommended.

Chrono Trigger: Another amazing RPG, Chrono Trigger manages to withstand the test of time and still be one of the greatest RPGs ever made. It makes good use of time travel and the gameplay is a lot of fun. It also manages to set a very creepy atmosphere and I love its interpretation of the various time periods and settings; the game really makes you feel like you're a part of the world, and it doesn't need crazy graphics to do so, just wonderful descriptions and artwork and music. I replay this game every couple years just so I can remember how awesome it is. This is one of the few games that I think every gamer should play at least once, and especially game designers. In short, <3

Golden Sun: Finalizing out my trio of "awesome RPG series" is Golden Sun, a two-part series on the GBA with a DS sequel as well. Golden Sun manages to be rather different from both of the other two series I love mentioned above, but is still an amazing game with an enticing story and excellent gameplay. One of my favourite things about the game is the Djinn system, which changes your stats, abilities, and even class based on how you use them, giving birth to a wide variance of gameplay. The game itself also has a much different difficulty than typical RPGs, and changing strategy and tactics is much more efficient at playing the game well and progressing than boring level grinding. The DS game isn't as good as the 2 GBA games, but they're all fun.

Fatal Fame: Fatal Frame is the best horror video game series I've ever played, seen, or heard of. The gameplay mechanics (using a special camera to take pictures of ghosts) bring you right up close to the action, which makes things much more intense, and the atmosphere is made up wonderfully: use of colour, camera angles, music (or lack thereof), sound effects, controller vibration all combine to make a chilling experience you won't soon forget. I'm kind of a horror junky, and this is the only medium (game, movies, books, whatever) that has ever actually, honestly, scared me. Most people say the second game is the best of the series, and while I do think it's good, I think personally prefer the first.

Ace Attorney: The AA series is amazingly fun and witty, something you might not expect from a game that stars a lawyer trying to defend their clients from murder charges. The games basically play like a more-detailed visual novel, as you investigate crime scenes, interview witnesses, and then play in court to try and find your client innocent and find the true killer. The characters are wonderful, the stories interesting, and there's an overall plot between the games, too that ties everything together. Also worth mentioning are the spin-off games featuring the main prosecutor from the first games; they feature characters from the main series AA games but different (though similar) gameplay and their own storyline. The first 3 games are soon being released as a combo title for the 3DS, so soon no one will have an excuse to have not played them! My favourite game in the series is the 3rd one, Trials and Tribulations, though the recent 3DS release, Dual Destinies, takes a close second.

Fire Emblem: FE is a turn-based strategy RPG series developed by Nintendo. Even people who haven't played the games are often familiar with the characters from SSB: Marth, Roy, and Ike. FE started out on the NES and has since been released on many Nintendo consoles, both regular and portable. The series made its debut outside of Japan with the 7th game in the series which was called simply "Fire Emblem" in those countries. Gameplay changes and tweaks happen in each new game, but the core gameplay remains the same as you build an army of soldiers and mages and use tactics to win battles and progress. My favourite game in the series is actually the newest, FE: Awakening, which was released on the 3DS last year, though otehr top contenders are Seisen no Keifu (4th game, for the SNES, available as a ROM with translation patch for those who don't know Japanese) and the first one that was translated to English as simply Fire Emblem on the GBA.

Legend of Zelda: LoZ is kind of an interesting series because it's so long and it's changed so much from its origins, and yet so many core aspects of the games have stayed the same. It's probably the most popular game franchise that I like (either this or Pokémon :p) but I can understand its popularity because it's legitimately fun and has good gameplay. I can't help but miss the old 2D Zelda games, but the newer 3D ones are a lot of fun as well. Majora's Mask is probably my favourite, and I'm crossing every one of my fingers constantly for a remake or sequel on the Wii U, like has been hinted it. That said, the Oracle games are also a very close second; the dual storyline is cool, and I rather like the 2D aspect of earlier games, since it simplifies some things.

Pokémon: Don't need to say much about these games since everyone here knows them. :p It's hard to pick a favourite Pokémon game (or even generation) but either 3rd or 6th gen has to be my favourite; 3rd gen because of contests and the hilarious plot with Teams Magma & Aqua; 6th gen because of Wonder Trading and all the awesome new Pokémon and the upgrades to the world and such.


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Tales of Symphonia. This game got me into the Tales series and I loved the storyline, character development, and gameplay. Can't wait for the remastered version coming out in a week :D


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It's been my favorite ever since Red/Blue. Anymore, I rarely make time to sit down and play video games, with the exception of Pokemon. I love that it's one of those games that you can just pick up and play while doing other things, transport it across the house (play it in the bathroom), or take it on the go. Other reasons include the wonder and mystery of playing a brand new Pokemon game and discovering all the new creatures and new regions. I try to stay away from the spoilers that come out before the game is released, but sometimes I just have to peek at them.

Also, I've always been interested in animals, so the concept of carrying around 6 with you while you travel is just great. I remember when I'd be exploring my big backyard as a kid, I'd pretend my dog, who was always 2 steps behind me or 2 steps ahead, was my Growlithe (and she magically transformed into Houndour when G/S came out :p), and if a farm cat decided to follow us, that'd be my Persian. I also had chickens, and one, Jamal, was tame enough to follow me wherever I went, so he was my Pidgey (this was before Torchic, otherwise he'd definitely be my Torchic).

But aside from Pokemon, my other favorite games are:

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game I ever played, and I fell in love. I love the storylines, the quests, the scenery, just everything about these games. I also like that you're essentially the same hero in each game, but not really. There just seems to be so such mystery when you really dig into a Zelda game.

Super Mario Bros. - I will always buy the next installment of this series. I first played SMB on my older brother's NES and Nintendo got me, hook, line, and sinker. I just enjoy mindlessly stomping on enemies (and fruitlessly defeating Bowser countless times). Also, I like that Nintendo is still keeping it a little fresh my introducing new power-ups. I haven't bought the newest game with cat-Mario yet, but it looks interesting!

Mario Kart - Mario Kart 7 is INCREDIBLE! It's seriously the best Kart game to date. I look forward to 8 and hope Nintendo can outdo themselves, but it will take a whole lot of effort. I like these games because it makes racing interesting with the item cubes. Stuck in 8th place with no hope to get out of that rut and place 1st? A couple lightning bolts and red shells later, boom, first place.


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The Super Smash Bros series. I don't have a favorite of the 3 games.
I like it because it has lots of Nintendo characters (and a few that are not) as PC, NPC, trophies, etc. I find the game has lots of replay value for me and it's one of the games I play multiplayer alot.


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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. My favourite instalment out of all the M&L series.

I love this game because it maintains the humour of the series, Bowser is playable here, I like the concept of exploring his body, Fawful was a great villain in here, and the controls are pretty fun at least.

Dream Team comes close, since I liked Antasma, and the risks taken in terms of gameplay difficulty.


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I'll break it down by system, as I'm an old geezer :p

Centipede for atari, loved it when I was a kid and still like it in the arcade.
Mega Man series for NES, loved them all with 4 and 6 being my favorites, but the series rocked as a whole.
Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver for GB, best RPG on the system!
Final Fantasy 6 for SNES: BEST FF game in the series
Shining Force for Genesis: Amazing strategy RPG, came out around the time Fire Emblem and Bahamut Lagoon (both awesome as well). There were tons of good games on Genesis for RPG's, but SF I have the most fond memories of.
Shining Force for Game Gear. Ported the game perfectly!
Xenogears for Playstation, epic RPG, awesome characters, fun battle system, and giant robots!
Dragon Force for Sega Saturn: still probably my favorite Strategy-RPG of all time. I doubt it will ever get remade, but everyone who has played it loves it (reason why its $100 on ebay).
Mega Man: Red + Blue for GBA clever RPG megaman, loved the series.
Kingdom Hearts for PS2, loved the mashup, and the battle system was a breath of fresh air. or God of War, just cuz it was so epic...
Metroid Prime for Gamecube, loved a metroid FPS. Was a great game.
KIngdom Under Seige: Crusaders on Xbox. Awesome Strategy RPG with RTS elements of controlling units, and dynasty warriors splashed in where you control the main dudes.
Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast, loved this system, and it had some amazing games (Skies of Arcadia, Power Stone). But PSO kept me glued to my TV for many, many, many hours.
Pokemon X+Y on 3DS. Only game on the system thats kept my attention all the way through!
South Park TSOT PS3/XB360, I love South Park, and RPG's, and this game did justice to both. While it was short and easy, the game was still awesome! Also Dark Souls for PS3/XB360, 2 added a ton of good things, but 1 was far more memorable.
Infamous Second Sonl PS4, not much for this system yet, but this is my favorite game for it thus far.

I'm sure I'm missing some systems... but meh.


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Like PsychedelicBreakfast I 'Absol'utely love Pokemon! I can endlessly glue my eyes on that Nintendo and play for hours, because of the ever-changing storylines for every game, the endless choices of Pokemon to have and the amazing music that you encounter when in a battle (especially Silver (Rival) and Lance's theme song in Heartgold and Soulsilver, Ghetsis and N). Ever since I saw my cousin play his Crystal Version game on a GameBoy I knew it was right and started my adventure in Pokemon Pearl. I also like battling people online and discover their new strategies.

Other than Pokemon, I don't have interest in other games, to be honest, however I like Art Academy because it improved my artistic talents and anything to do with Dinosaurs and Dragons.


Pokemon, obviously.
Borderlands, I mean come on, it's the "ultimate murder simulator," and so many guns. Man that sounds really terrible.
Fallout 3 and New Vegas, to me, there are no RPGs that compare. I've never played any other games so much. The stories, the environments, the leveling, the enemies, the humor... oh man.
The PS1 and PS2 Crash Bandicoot games, no other game can make me angry like those can. The controls in the first game were soooo bad. You know, sometimes you need a game that can really rile you up.


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That's tough. A favorite ANYTHING is tough!(except for Pokermuns, mine is Jolteon.)

I would probably put my finger inbetween Sonic3K, Mega Man Powered Up, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Pokemon LeafGreen, and Cave Story. If I had to choose the game I've racked the most time into, then it would be Mega Man Battle Network 3. I've accumulated over 300+ hours on it, and still haven't fully completed it yet! Ouch!


I really like the Doom series, it's the first game I ever played (it was long before Pokemon was around, even in Japan).

I always liked Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time. I spent alot of time playing that. Did that with my cousin. Did that with my sister, who always tried to hide from the bosses, at least that gave me time to kill them.

Do I even need to mention Pokemon? Well I will anyway, Pokemon.

Like the Mario series, I just finished replaying Mario RPG, Legend of the seven stars, That was my first role playing game (again this was long before Pokemon). Of course there's alot of others in this category; Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Safari, Super Mario World, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Smash Brothers (has my fav character in all of them; Pikachu).

I like the Dead Space series, it's kind of like Doom but so also different from it in terms of storyline and enemies.

I like Final Fantasy X, this was my first 'real' rp since the mechanics in that game are more 'complex' than the one in my first RPG legend of the seven stars , replaying that in HD now...though those darn dark aeons, sigh. I've also played XIII.

Big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I liked the Chaos Bleeds game.

I like the Resident Evil series and Silent Hill series.

As someone already mentioned here, Tales of Symphonia. Also played a few more Tales game but so far this is the one I like the best.

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Hmmm...I have a lot of series that I love:

The Sims: I have played this since the first series, and loved playing God with the sims. It is essentially paper dolls (that I loved as a child), but so much better. This series just keeps getting better and better.

Age of Empires II: an oldie, but goodie. I have been playing (the original version) off and on since it came out. It is one game that is always installed on my computer. I also love games that involves history.

Battlefield 1942: There are just days when I need to snipe at some AIs.

Civilization III & V: Must have games in my household. I have learned a lot about various cultures with the game. Another game that is always installed on my computer.

Pokemon: Yellow and Red started this addiction. It would cure boredom on long road trips. This is also one of my first games, and I have a lot of memories regarding Pokemon over the many years...for good or bad. And, this series is the only reason I bothered to by the DS, 3DS, Gameboy Color, and other gameboys.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is the most addicting gamesI have ever played. I literally played this game just about every day for almost a year. No game has ever come close to that streak of addiction. I really got into the TES series via Skyrim. Elder Scrolls Online is now my new addiction.

Dragon Age: I was very hesitant to get into this series, but I'm now a huge fan. It's not the most perfect of games, but the lore intrigues me. The next installation comes out in October and seems like it could be the game of all games. My blood is already rising in anticipation.

Vampire the Masquerade: The best vampire game ever! If you can find this game still, I would recommend it to any vampire or rpg fans out there (if they haven't played it already).

Fire Emblem: Awakening: Amazing! Another game I was hesitant to play. It's not normally a type of game I would play, but it is addicting. In fact, I'm currently on an FE:A binge.

If anyone can recommend me games similar to the ones above (xbox or pc), I'd appreciate it.


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Wow, this is a hard one. I guess I will choose one from each franchise and include reasons.

Mario is Mario Kart: Double Dash! - I loved this game. My granny got a gamecube from a yardsale and this came with it. I played this game so much, and it was awesome to play as the time paradoxes (Baby Mario and Luigi). xD Sadly it's broken now and I can't find the game. :(

Kirby is Kirby and The Crystal Shards -The first game I ever beat to 100% completion. Whenever I visited my granny the first thing I would ask is where the N64 was and this was always the first one I played. Kirby has a special place near my heart as when my mom had to go through radiation for her thyroid cancer I would play this when I stayed at my granny's house.

Zelda is The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - This game was super fun and I loved playing it. Since I didn't have Wind Waker this was the best I could get. I never 100%'d it but did complete it. It was super fun to play when I went off to places and I wish I could finish it but I got rid of it.

Pokemon is Pokemon Yellow - The game that got me into the series. I have never beat it as I always got to Gary and always lost. Sometimes I didn't even make it past Lorelei! I was super bad but it always was fun. Plus when I got super sick with food poisoning I played this. It cheered me up.

Bonus is The World Ends With You - OK so this was Toontown before but then I saw someone mention it and then I remembered all about it. Storyline is amazing and interesting, battles are fun, and really it made me cry near the end. It was such a good game and I generally loved it.

And that's all I can think of so far. I can't remember any more of em.


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My favorite series would probably narrow down to Zelda, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Devil May Cry, Kirby, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Super Smash bros., judging by the amount of games I own from these series.

As far as favorite individual games, here are some favorites and brief explanations why:

Red Dead Redemption (xbox360): Like GTA in the Wild West, so what's not to love? Undead Nightmare was an incredible expansion, and I probably put more time into that than the regular game. Both games were so much fun, it's the first game that comes to mind when someone asks what one of the funniest games is.

Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64): I've probably played through this game 20 times, easily. I love the story, the gameplay, the characters, just everything. But there's a reason it's regarded as one of the best games of all time.

The World Ends With You (DS): This game has one of the most unique battle systems of any game I've played. The story line is solid, and has excellent characters and character development throughout. The story is very good, also unique, and quite touching.

Chrono Trigger (SNES): They don't lie when they say it's one of the best RPGs of all time. Everyone loves this game, who wouldn't? Unless you don't like RPGs, I guess. The story totally takes you into another world. Nevermind the pixelated graphics of the 90s since the world is so detailed you tend to picture it the way these guys started to recreate it: http://www.opcoder.com/projects/chrono/


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First of all, I usually prefer not to play favorites. And second of all, Pokemon TCG online clearly is part of a game I'm prominently playing lately. Other than that, Sonic games, and Street Fighter games, specifically Sonic Adventure 2 and Super Street Fighter IV.