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I was just curious. What is everyone here's favorite Pokemon episode? I don't really have one so I thought It'd be cool to see what episodes you guys liked. Just say your favorite episode and why you picked it. ;)


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Bad to the Bone, and Pikachu Re-Volts. Best animation in the entire series, if you ask me, with interesting plots to match. Dues and Don't is also one I like a lot due to the focus on Team Rocket.


None really. That rat, that dork and all these pointless fillers ruined it all.

To be honest, my favourite anime episode is obivously the Grovyle Vs Exploud episode >>>>>>>>>__________<<<<<< dont ask why i chose THAT episode..lol.


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since I've just watch till Season 4 (and 5 episode in Advance Battle plus 7 movie), I choose none really... I can't recall which one was the best...
If I may say, movie 1 is the best...


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well, i mainly like episodes which ash captures new pokemon or challenge gym leader or league. :cool: if more specific, i like the episode when ash challanges blaine :p


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Not really favorite ep, more a favorite fight. When Ash fight for the Orange Leageu Cup, that was a good fight.

I also like the eps where Mewtwo gets some screentime. :p

I haven't seen any of the recent eps. I quit watching somewhere in the middle of the Johto Adventures or something.
I still watch the movies though.

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I liked Pikachu Re-Volts. Team Rocket FINALLY got to use that Pikachu agaisnt Ash!!

My favorite part of each episode is getting to watch the "if we gave it to the boss" scheme that Team Rocket has every once in a while.

The Wayward Wobbuffet was good, and so was the long past Orange Island episode where Pikachu and Meowth are lost together.


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My favorite episode is the one where ashes charmeleon evoles into charizard because even though his charmeleon evolved and got stronger he still used flamethrower and burned him that was so funny I will never forget that but I did not like it when he put his charizard in the charisific valley because charizards has not ever appeared in a hoen episode yet.:( I hope you guys caught pokemon this morning on the WB and even though may and drew lost in the finals They still were awesome episodes.:)

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RE:  Favorite Episode

Jade said:
None really. That rat, that dork and all these pointless fillers ruined it all.

You forgot his friends who are striving to be something and never actually get around to doing it. Such as misty and her water pokemon. She got a Psyduck and togepi >> And brock, just kinda makes food for pokemon and occasioanlly says something about their health.

Favorite episodes would be the legend of thunder ones, so episodes but still. Bashou the Guy girl and the brute were actually evil. Yep, Tr fun.