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    [​IMG][​IMG] Hello everyone! This is my first thread post on I have been working on this for the past few days now, and I think I have reached my final product. The following displays my set list, what the Ancient Traits do (It's Zeta, by the way), what the Trainers do, and the four Secret Rares!

    If you could please leave any suggestions for improvement in the comments, that would be greatly appreciated! :D

    XY Barren Aura (Set Focused on Zygarde)

    NOTE- If a Pokemon has a number in ( ) next to it, it means it is an Ancient Trait card. The number represents what AT it possess, which can be found in the legend below the list.
    1. Sunkern
    2. Sunflora
    3. Sunflora AT (4)
    4. Tropius
    5. Turtwig
    6. Grotle
    7. Torterra
    8. Torterra AT Holo (1)
    9. Carnivine
    10. Petilil
    11. Lilligant
    12. Houndoom EX
    13. M Houndoom EX (4)
    14. Ho-Oh AT (1)
    15. Chimchar
    16. Monferno
    17. Infernape Holo
    18. Darumaka
    19. Darmanitan Holo
    20. Slowpoke
    21. Slowbro
    22. Slowbro AT (4)
    23. Slowking Holo
    24. Suicune EX
    25. Piplup
    26. Prinplup
    27. Empoleon Holo
    28. Empoleon AT (1)
    29. Manaphy EX
    30. Tympole
    31. Palpitoad
    32. Seismitoad
    33. Seismitoad AT (1)
    34. Clauncher
    35. Clawitzer
    36. Shinx
    37. Luxio
    38. Luxray
    39. Luxray AT Holo (4)
    40. Emolga
    41. Nidoran (M)
    42. Nidorino
    43. Nidoking AT Holo (4)
    44. Alakazam EX
    45. M Alakazam EX (1)
    46. Mew AT (1)
    47. Mewtwo AT (4)
    48. Latias
    49. Misdreavus
    50. Mismagius
    51. Hitmonchan
    52. Hitmonlee
    53. Bonsly
    54. Sudowoodo
    55. Regirock EX
    56. Terrakion Holo
    57. Sneasel
    58. Weavile Holo
    59. Zorua
    60. Zoroark
    61. Zoroark AT (4)
    62. Yveltal AT Holo (4)
    63. Scizor EX
    64. M Scizor EX (2)
    65. Mawile AT (4)
    66. Klink
    67. Klang
    68. Klinklang Holo
    69. Mime Jr.
    70. Mr. Mime AT (1)
    71. Snubull
    72. Granbull
    73. Spritzee
    74. Aromatisse
    75. Xerneas AT Holo (1)
    76. Gible
    77. Gabite
    78. Garchomp Holo
    79. Garchomp AT (4) <------This would be the Prerelease card
    80. Kyurem
    81. Tyrunt
    82. Tyrantrum
    83. Zygarde EX (3)
    84. Snorlax AT (1)
    85. Aipom
    86. Ambipom
    87. Chatot
    88. Rufflet
    89. Braviary Holo
    90. Helioptile
    91. Heliolisk AT (2)
    92. Ability Safe (Item)- During your opponent's next turn, your Pokemon's Abilities cannot be altered in any way.
    93. Alakazam Spirit Link
    94. Blazing Chamber (Stadium)- Once during each player's turn, they may search their deck for a Basic Fire Energy and attach it to one of their Pokemon-EX. They must shuffle their deck afterward.
    95. Dark Protector (Item)- During your opponent's next turn, their Dark Pokemon's attacks do 30 less damage to your Active Pokemon. You cannot play more than one of this card during your turn.
    96. Diantha (Supporter)- You may discard 2 cards from your hand. If you do, search your deck for a Pokemon and put it on your Bench. Shuffle your deck afterward.
    97. Fairy Shield (Item)- During your opponent's next turn, their Fairy Pokemon's attacks' effects do not affect your Active Pokemon
    98. Houndoom Spirit Link
    99. Muscle Band (Reprint from XY)
    100. Pokemon Fan Club (Reprint from Flashfire)
    101. Scizor Spirit Link
    102. Super Rod (Reprint from Dragon Vault)
    103. Team Flare Admin (Supporter)- During your opponent's next turn, he or she cannot attach any Basic Energy cards from their hand to any of their Mega Evolution Pokemon in play.
    104. Terminus Cave (Stadium)- Each player's Dragon Pokemon cannot be affected by Special Conditons
    105. Houndoom EX FA
    106. M Houndoom EX FA
    107. Suicune EX FA
    108. Manaphy EX FA
    109. Alakazam EX FA
    110. M Alakazam EX FA
    111. Regirock EX FA
    112. Scizor EX FA
    113. M Scizor EX FA
    114. Zygarde EX FA
    115. Diantha FA
    116. Team Flare Admin FA

    (1)= Z Suppress- If this Pokemon has a Tool card attached to it, prevent all effects of attacks, except damage, done to this Pokemon by your opponent's Pokemon
    (2)= Z Minus- If your opponent Knocks Out this Pokemon, they take 1 less Prize card
    (3)= Z Break-This Pokemon does 20 more damage to the Defending Dark or Fairy Pokemon
    (4)= Z Defiant- The effects of your opponent's Stadium cards do not apply to this Pokemon

    The pack arts would include Zygarde, Mega Scizor, Mega Houndoom, and Torterra

    If you read all of this, you're pretty rad;)

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  2. Will these be text based or image based?

    A 120 card set list seems a little over the top for a beginner faker - I'd try going for a smaller set first.

    Looking forward to your cards!
  3. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid


    Sounds like you have a lot planned! 120 cards is a pretty big set. I have two clarifying questions, before getting down to suggestions.
    1) What does the (1) mean in "Torterra AT Holo (1)"?
    2) Is this an image-based set? It sounds like it, from the inclusion of Secret Rares, Holos, and FAs, but I'm not altogether certain. (Never mind, Reggie just asked that)
    Aside from that, I like the idea! If you're going so in-depth as to scope out booster pack art, I'm certain this will be a great project. Here are a few suggestions (not wording, I'm not the authority on that). Obviously you don't have to take any of them – they're just ideas:
    1) Try using ζ instead of Z for your Ancient Traits. TPCi doesn't follow any particular case-sensitive format - it's just whichever is more recognizable. Therefore Alpha is lowercase α and not A, so it's not mistaken for an English A, while Omega is Ω (uppercase), which more people recognize. Sorry that was such a convoluted sentence; hopefully it makes sense.
    2) In setlists, TPCi always goes by an order of type, and then within the type, Pokédex order. Trainers are alphabetical, with no separation between Items, Supporters and Stadiums. Thus, your Grass-type listing would be:
    1. Sunkern
    2. Sunflora
    3. Sunflora AT
    4. Tropius
    5. Turtwig
    6. Grotle
    7. Torterra
    8. Torterra AT (Holo)
    9. Carnivine
    10. Petilil
    11. Lilligant
    That's all for now! Looking forward to seeing your content!
  4. KingPig12 Now with 100% more pants


    I will definitely keep these things in mind. And yes, the set is image based.

    The numbers next to the Ancient Trait cards represent which AT they possess. There is a legend near the bottom of the page.

    I used Z rather than ζ because I thought more people would recognize it, but I guess what you pointed out makes more sense. And I will be sure to reorder the cards in order of Dex number

    Thanks so much for your advice.
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