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  1. Koppee Poke Collector


    Hey guys New member here, and came with a concern I have.

    I used to be an insanely huge Pokemon card collector and I just got back into it a few days ago. My brother had bought a large number of cards from a small convenience store close to where we live and while going over my cards the other day I noticed alot of odd issues.

    I'm fairly certain that these holos are fake and it saddens me deeply but I just want to be 100% sure about it. I went on the internet last night for hours trying to find out all the ways to spot fake pokemon cards but I can't say that I can get everything right just yet. I'm uploading pictures of the cards I have issues with.

    The Deoxys has pokeballs in the background instead of the small bubbles and has EX Emerald pasted on the card, also the name Deoxys is Holo as well as is the star at the bottom right corner.

    Now this card I pretty much know has to be fake, after reading so much on it I found out there has to be the bubbles in the background and not the pokeballs. Also the Name isn't holo (please correct me if I'm wrong about that). Also the biggest hint was that all the Deoxys I went to reference online, none had the holo name stamp, star stamp or the EX Emerald stamp on the picture.


    (I also have a Ninjask from EX Deoxys, and Meganium from Unseen forces with the pokeball background and the set stamp on the picture. If you want to see them I can upload them after.)

    Alright I'm comfortable with that being fake if it is, but here is where I get insanely confused.

    I went to Walmart to buy cards because I would assume they are a more trustable source. I bought a set of 3 booster packs plus 1 holo card (Manaphy), with 2 Platinum Rising Rivals packs and 1 Ex Crystal Guardians Pack inside.

    Now inside the Crystal guardians pack I found a Seedot. But It wasn't a normal reverse hollow Seedot. As you can see I have these issues.


    The Crystal Guardian stamp is on the card firstly. Also the Card isn't reverse hollow, the picture background is! The other 2 packs seemed relatively real. The 2 cards I got in them (Raquaza lvl X, and Charizard lvl X, respectively) were inspected by me and seemed to be real. But it still worries me.

    I mean if the cards I bought from Walmart are also fake because that Seedot has irregularities on the card following the rules to spot a fake card then I am at a total loss. I don't know where to buy trustworthy real cards and not be feeling empty inside after finding out that my money was wasted on real cards.

    Although this whole issue can be resolved if I find out that the cards are real but rare but I somehow really doubt that this is the issue. The fake cards have become so well disguised that I was just left in shock.

    Can anyone help me on the issue please? I really want to get back into card collecting and I can learn from my mistakes and find out how to spot the differences better.

    Oh yea another question I have. Okay looking at the back of the card, If it is more blueish than what does it mean? also if its purple what does it mean? I have read that more of a purple hue is real but do cards wear out a bit? and the colour left would be more blue than purple? Because I'm really worried now about alot of the older cards I have.

    Thank you for anyone who can help! I'm sorry if I broke any rules hehe, I read the guidelines post but not sure if I missed some.

    I know its a lot to read but hopefully I can make some good of this with your help!

  2. picklelicker129 Pickle's user title used run away!


    I'm pretty sure that the cards are normal. The RH for the EX series are different then the ones used in the PL series. EX Reverse holos do have the name of the series on it, just like the Burger King Diamond and Pearl cards.
  3. Shade Daroach


    None of the posted cards are fake. They are just simply the way they were made back in the EX series. Now with the pokeball holo background, only Holo Rare Reverse Holo's got that background. Seedot doesn't the background because it was a common while Deoxys, Meganuim and Ninjask are Holo Rares.
  4. Koppee Poke Collector


    Wow seriously? Thats so weird! I heard all this information about holos don't have the name or star holo'd and whatnot, and the background has to have bubbles XD

    That's great news! But why does my version of Deoxys look so much different than the ones on Ebay of the same card? theirs are just normal without any pokeball bubbles in the back, and the name and star are just regular black print, and no EX Emerald stamp.

    Is this card more rare or something?
  5. Celebi23 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    In every English pack you buy (or after like the 6th set or something), you'll pull a special holo. It can be any card from the set that isn't an ex, LV. X, etc. I really wouldn't worry about fake cards, most sources are reliable. A good way to tell is to look at the scan from PokeBeach and compare it to the card you have. At least for Diamond and Pearl on you can usually tell if a card is fake because the energy symbols look different. It's hard to explain.
  6. weavile132 I Died, I'm back, suck it up!


    Also, you said you bought 2 RISING RIVALS packs, and said you got Char X and Ray X, however, both og those X's are from SV.

    However, all cards you posted are real.
  7. Koppee Poke Collector


    Lol oops! my mistake XD So new to the new packs :p
  8. Xario1 [NBWC]


    Oh yes, fake cards. I remember this kinda thing. This reminds me of when I accidently started making pokemon cards popular in my town again. This issue had occured, but different than yours.

    The places that I know are reliable are Wal-Mart, Target, FYE, Rite-Aid, and most stores that sell them out of the package.
    Place that aren't reliable are the flea market (NEVER GO THERE TO BUY POKEMON CARDS!!!), and some person selling them on the street, or at a garage sell.
    When I started getting pokemon cards popular where I live again, I used to buy them from the flea market. That was a bad mistake, becuase my friends and i had figured out that those cards were fake.

    Be suspicious of places that will sell them super cheap, like 60 cards for $1. But, if a store has a clearence, such as booster packs for $1+tax, then those are probably not fake, they just want to sell them, cuz pokemon cards haven't sold there well. I found some of those at Rite-Aid once, I bought 12 boosters for $13. They were all GE

    Also, some major indicators of fake cards is that, when you compare them to real cards, their color will be lighter than real cards. I usually compare the backs of them.
    And, fake cards are also usually made out of thin cardboard, unlike the real cards.
    But, with worn-out cards, both of these facts can make it harder to tell if they are real or fake.
  9. VENTUREBR0 Aspiring Trainer


    Hey guys sorry im late but I hope you didnt throw them away lol thoese cards are the reverse holos in the ex era. So they gave the holo pattern diffrent styles, i would imagine not to mix up holos and reverse holos. More to that the rare reverse holos have gold letters gold HP and the rarity star will be holo. But the cards that arent holo in the set do not get gold even if there rare. I mean these cards are more rare the any other common or holo you get bc you only have 1/100 chance to get the reverse that you want. I think holos are 1/3 packs hope this helps someone i collect reverse holos i think alot of ppl sleep on them imo

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