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Yeah the title fits. Basically you choose 2 Pokémon and fuse their names together. To do this, put the new name of the Pokemon from the 2 that you fused and then list the 2 Pokémon that you fused together. (You also must PM the information to prevent you from changing it) At the beginning of round 2, you may sacrifice 15 of your own points to me (yes I'm playing, but I only get points be people sacrificing them to me) to choose your 1 Pokémon to fuse with another from the list.

- Pikachu
- Cubone
- Magikarp
- Gengar
- Aerodactyl
- Mew
- Swellow
- Lurantis
- Garchomp
- Greninja
- Fennekin
- Electivire
- Magmar
- Ariados
- Minior
- Pumpkaboo
- Solgaleo
- Comfey
- Exploud
- Joltik
- Electrode
- Banette
- Cosmog
- Primarina
- Chikorita
- Ninetales
- Pikipek
- Golem
- Bruxish
- Metagross
- Ferroseed
- Charizard
- sacrifice 15 points (after round 2) to choose 1 of any Pokémon.

Your job after you post on the thread which Pokémon you fused and the new name, is to wait. I'll announce when voting starts! At that point, you simply like somebody's post if you like the name of their fusion. You MUST like at least 1 post or else! (you will be kicked/feel my wrath)(also 2 votes maximum) At the end of the round, I'll announce points! NO they are NOT random. That's where you come in. You get +50 points for figuring out how points were awarded! Most of the time it should be relatively simple. Hint: Most of the time, it has to deal with the name of the Pokemon. You have 42 hours to submit your thoughts! These thoughts should only be PM'ed to me and NOT posted in the thread. If you think about it, this is a LOT of time to think, even if your working or have school. Then on round 2 you will choose 2 different Pokémon and fuse them together. Neither of these can be a Pokémon you used last round! There will be 4 rounds. At the end of each round, I'll explain how points were awarded! Also to clear up confusion, at the end of each round I'll post the round standings and also overall standings.

Signing up:
Simply just post the Pokémon in the thread that you fuse together and BAM, your signed up. Simple right? I'll accept up to 20 people, but I want to hit at least 12-15. When round 2 starts, sign ups are locked. If you join in round 1, you might have points deducted based on the system of point distribution that round.

EDIT: pls don't do the same fused names that someone else has already done that round. It gets unfun
EDIT: ^^Above^^
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In with Ariagross. I don't know about the rest of you, but spiders kinda creep me out.

If you couldn't tell, this is Ariados and Metagross. :p


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In with Pikamarina! (Pikachu + Primarina)

I had to stop myself from capitalizing the M like in my name...


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I have permission from the host to edit this as I had autocrrect make the s for seed a t
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In with


(Ninetails and Greninja)

edit: I actually missed the cutoff by 30 seconds....are you kidding me
hey you can still be in if you want to but you just won't have a chance for points round one. I'll count this towards round 2.

However everyone please wait to submit your fusions until Saturday morning.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that your formula or equation should work for all of the points! :p


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Oh sorry :( I forgot to post to say that you need to figure out how your points were awarded! I'll give to Tuesday CENTRAL GIME for people to submit, remember you get +50 points if your formuoli works!
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