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Expanded Expanded [email protected]! Needs help!!


Aspiring Trainer
Hi guys! Any tips on how to make [email protected] TTGX work? I need some fresh new minds and ideas! The main problems are energy and damage output. Here’s what I’m working with:

2 [email protected] TTGX
1 Latias EX
2 Drampa (dragon Arcana)
2 Oranguru (Primate Wisdom)
2 Dedenne GX
1 Crobat V

2 Choice Band
2 Field Blower
4 Quick Ball
3 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Max Elixir
4 Ether
1 Energy Lotto
1 Special Charge
2 Float Stone
4 Trainer Mail

1 Guzma
1 Professor’s Research
1 N
1 Colress

4 Dragon Energy
4 Water
6 Psychic

The general idea is to use oranguru and ether to accelerate even more energy. It’s tuned slightly to the situation of going against ReshiZard, but I want to make it better and universal. I need help! Thanks!
Note: I know this list is missing one card. I’m writing this from memory but it’s probably an important card.Thanks for any help yalls can offer me!