Discussion Expanded Idea: Jumpluff


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Anyone remember Jumpluff DRX? It's a 90HP stage 2 with a flippy attack and an ability that lets you return it and all cards attached to it to your hand. Well, with Forest of Giant Plants, you can return it and evolve it back on the same turn. The only problem is figuring out how to use this to our advantage. I can think of 3 ways.

1. Combined with Simisage XY8. Build up your Jumpluffs on the bench, draw through your deck and then return then to your hand for some big damage from simisage. Pooka tried this years ago with Ambipom, but Simisage is grass, so he also benefits from forest. As a bonus, they can all be fetched with level ball.

2. Weavile. Very similar strategy, but you're discarding them (with eggs) as fodder for Weavile. This is another deck that can take full advantage of level ball.

3. Damage Swap via Reuniclis. This might be the hardest to set up, but once you do, you essentially have infinite healing.

I'm sure there are other combos I'm missing, but those are the 3 that stick out.


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It could be used with flygon fom boundaries crossed and dusknoir from boundaries crossed.