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Expanded Expanded BuzzRoc for league cup

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by biffthepotato, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. biffthepotato It's Wednesday M'dudes


    Yo guys! This Sunday, I am going to attend an expanded league cup, and I'm thinking about playing BuzzRoc because it's amazing right now, and I wanted to see what you guys thought of my list. Well, here it is:

    Pokémon: 16

    3x Buzzwole GX (CRI)
    1x Buzzwole (FBL)
    2x Lycanroc GX (GRI)
    2x Rockruff (FBL)
    2x Octillery (BTH)
    2x Remoraid (BTH)
    1x Regirock EX (FCO) (I don't have Diance Prism Star)
    1x Landorus (FUF) (Powers up Buzzwoles, and is good early game)
    1x Sudowoodo (GRI) (Limits Zoroark GX)
    1x Tapu lele GX (GRI)

    Trainers: 30

    3x Professor Sycamore (BKP)
    2x Cynthia (ULP)
    2x N (FCO)
    1x Colress
    4x Guzma (BUS)

    4x Ultra Ball (SUM)
    4x Max Elixir (BKP)
    3x Beast Ring (FBL)

    3x Choice Band (GRI)
    2x Float Stone (BTH)

    2x Brooklet Hill (GRI)

    Energy: 14

    4x Strong Energy (FCO) (Don't have Beast Energy)
    10x Fighting Energy

    The goal with this deck is to hit hard with Buzzwole GX, use Lycanroc GX to bring up Pokémon, and use Octillery to draw cards. The only thing that's different from most BuzzRoc decks is the one copy of Landorus. I really like the landorus because it's a one prize Pokémon that can power up Buzzwoles, and can do decent damage early game to basic Pokémon (best against Zoruas).

    Please give any suggestions for this list, and the other option for the Cup would be Sylveon GX (Just wanted to put that out there).

    Thanks in advance!!!

    - Biff the Potato.

  2. TSA123 i play pokeman


    Here are some suggestions:
    -1 Landorus; you don't need it. You would rather be hitting with Jet Punch early game to start some early game pressure.
    -1 Fighting Energy; you only really need 9.

    +1 Brooklet Hill; you NEED this to set up.
    +1 Scramble Switch; a cheap ace spec that is REALLY good in this deck.
  3. Chicken Nugget Master I had the munchies when I came up with my username
    Chicken Nugget Master


    With 4 Elixir and 3 Beast Ring, 10 energy is absolutely necessary, although I would agree that taking out a Landorus for a Brooklet Hill is a good idea. Here are my suggestions.

    -1 Elixir (3/3 Ring/Elixir is enough)
    -1 Landorus
    -2 Cynthia (Colress is just better)

    +1 Brooklet Hill
    +1 Sudowoodo (Watch and Learn from Breakpoint)
    +1 Sycamore
    +1 Colress

    Scramble switch is good, but If you can't afford/obtain it don't worry about it it'll be fine.
  4. biffthepotato It's Wednesday M'dudes


    Hi. I think that the Landorus is great against stall, and is also is in this deck for the same reason a carbink break line because you can retreat a Buzzwole after using knuckle impact into Landorus to power it back up, but I will test a brooklet hill instead though.

    I am personally not the biggest fan of Watch and Learn Sudowoodo because I don't think that it will really help me in any expanded games, and I just really like the 4-3 Beast Ring/Elixir count because it really helps with getting Buzzwoles up and ready ASAP.

    I would use 4 Syamore, 2 N, and 2 Colress if I only had 2 Colress (RIP), but I also think Cynthia's fine because it's really good early game when you don't have much Pokémon in play/don't want to discard a valuable card.
    I would play scramble switch if I could, but it's actually like $10, and I don't want to spend 10 bucks on a card just for a league cup, and I don't think I'll be able to get one before Sunday anyway.

    Like I said earlier, I will test out the Brooklet Hill instead of the Landorus.

    Thank you guys for the help!!! One card that I have been considering is an Oricorio (Revelation Dance) because it's pretty good against Buzzwole GX, and can counter Vespiquen and Night March decks, so do you guys think this is worth including? If so, what should I take out?
  5. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    Watch and Learn is amazing in expanded. OHKOs Drampa, Zoroark, and other Buzzwole.
    Baby Landy sucks balls because it doesn't help against mill. Oranguru is better against mill any day.
    If you don't have Diancie, don't bother with Regirock. It doesn't help any numbers in expanded, which is why people played 0 for a long time. Drop 2 Choice Band for 2 Muscle Band. This allows you to hit the 70 HP babies which you can't do since you don't own Diancie Prism. The only big number this change has any effect on is baby buzz hitting 160 over 170 and big buzz not hitting 190 with no other damage modifiers, which is the only reason you keep the one.
    And no Korrina? Why?
    Buzzroc is only amazing when you have the resources for it to be amazing, which seems like you own none of them. If you can't play a deck the fullest of its ability, it might not be a good idea to even play that deck.

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