Ruling EXP Share and SP Questions


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So this card, how does it work exactly? To I attach it to one of my benched or my active? I know there is a similar card like this but you have to have one attached to each of your pokemon for the energy to transfer

My other question is more of a curiosity question. What does SP stand for in pokemon SP? (the pokemon in rising rivals and supreme victors expansions, for example.) They are usually owners pokemon like Bertha or Team Galactic, but they all share the SP symbol. Also, are there any unique rulings on SP pokemon, such as only so many allowed of this SP pokemon in a deck, or anything I need to know about?

Thank you very much in advance


RE: a couple of quick questions (exp share and SP pokemon)

In order to benefit from the card, it has to be attached to a benched pokémon.

Sp is an abbreviation for special pokémon. The letter/s after the name are part of the name (lv x isn't), so you can have 4 dialga and 4 dialga G in the same deck, or a 2-2 dialga lv X and a 2-2 dialga G lv X line in the same deck. There is no restrictions on the amount of sp pokémon in a deck beyond the 4 of the same name rule.