Exclusive, Larger 'Chilling Reign' Elite Trainer Boxes Releasing at Pokemon Center!

excuse me but 10 PER CUSTOMER why not like 2 or 3 eh
May not be an issue. They are still available as of this morning. Maybe they're winning the bot battle. That, or they intend to print a ton, or it's entirely open ended.
And here I am still wishing that they'd start shipping to the UK and Europe at some point - I'd buy this up over the standard ETB if I could.
Well, this is unexpected! Too bad the scalper bots are still rampant, though. Other than that, this is a rather neat idea to incentivize utilizing the official website!
I legit bought one today so you should still be able to get one
hey guys, just wanted to share that I got this email a few minutes ago:


I didn't even know it was supposed to include 10 packs. I didn't even remember pre-ordering these lol
Friend 9f kine pre-ordered 1 of each they just got email stating was a mix up in manufacturing. So he will be credited 10$ cuz the boxes have 8 packs instead of 10 n to make up for it he will also get 3 cards each of the 3 galar birds v cards. For each trainer box ordered. I didn't get email mine says I get mine tomorrow. No clue if all the etb are that way
I preordered both of these, and honestly? This is the best possible outcome. I don't even mind waiting all that time (around the end of July) to get the goodies. Not like I'd pull that much in the ETB's anyways, so I see this as an absolute win, as the kids these days say.
Hello, do you know if this is only applicable to Pokémon Center or Amazon too ?

Cause I preorder 1 ETB on amazon :)
Mine are set to be delivered today, yes I ordered 1 of each of the bones with metal dice. I never got a email like I saw others have. So is it all the special boxes with the issue or is it some or mostly ?
This is actually pretty great. TPCI is much better than Wizards, they fixed their mistake and even made it better.
If I order the box today will I still get all those extra things?