Collecting EX Team Rocket Returns Jessie Deck UK Promo Rarity?


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Hi guys

I came across this item - pics attached. It's a Team Rocket Returns Jessie sealed pack (not mint packaging) with a promo sticker on advertising the pokemon line. I was told these were giveaways at a UK Toy industry trade show many years ago.

Question .. does this have any value or rarity as a sealed pack given it has the sticker? Any idea as to value?

And also, is there much potential to find anything rare or particularly valuable in this pack?

I had never seen this before. Thanks so much


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It might have some value sealed, depending on the person. Don't know numbers though.

The contents themselves aren't going to be that rare or valuable though, as the theme decks all come with the exact same cards and in turn most of those cards were in the Team Rocket Returns main set.
I will say, TRR in general tends to be a very sought-after set, since it was the only set (besides HL) to feature dual-type Dark Pokemon, which a lot of people collected for their sheer novelty. As a result, there's going to be a lower supply and higher demand for this than there would be for a theme deck from another set from that time period.