Help EX Series Booster Boxes (Ruby sapphire era ones) - Pull Rates?


Aspiring Trainer
I recently acquired some EX Series era booster boxes (Fire red leafgreen, legend maker, power keepers, sandstorm, team rocket returns, sandstorm, hidden legends, unseen forces, and ruby and sapphire). I was curious what would be the pull rates from some of these boxes - these are primarily going to stay sealed in my collection, but I am curious what would be the pull rates if I were to open one of them for perhaps a friends channel of mine.

Does anybody know/have knowledge of what the holo and ex rates were for these sets? I know for the gold star sets, gold stars were around 1 in 2 boxes - but I lack knowledge on the other 2 parts (Holos and EXs). Any help would be gladly appreciated! From what I have heard EXes were 2-4 per box, with 3 being the most common, Holos I have no clue about.