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    So with the release of Metagross101’s brand new ex era blanks i couldn’t stand not to make a Delta Species v2 set. So on this thread i will keep you up to date with cards I've made for the set. I will update this post overtime and will post separate comments on this thread to showcase Holo, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare cards i have made around the same time period as i post that specific comment. All resources are provided by Metagross101 on Deviantart (

    I based the types of the Pokémon of the habitat the animal the ‘mon is based off would live in, types that would make sense as its real type, or it would be some kind of reference. Although I decided not to add cards like ‘dragon type Charizard’, ‘grass type Florges’, ‘psychic type Golduck’, etc. as they are a bit too unoriginal and generic for my standards. The set also contains a few non delta species cards and not every Holo in this set is part steel type. a few amount of trainer cards. Huge thanks for the people in the PTCG Faking Community Discord server for helping me out with a big part of the set list!

    Set Products

    These are fake items created by me and are not legal for sale or to be distributed.
    © 1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc. Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo

    Q: Can I provide spoilers for the cards?
    A: Absolutely! As i personally think I’m not good at text based at all and i don’t have any spoilers planned, I'd appreciate it a lot! If i find your spoilers original, unique and balanced i will definitely use them! You can contact me on Discord, FΛRIS#0007

    Q: Can I provide artwork for the cards?
    A: Unfortunately, no. I like to find artwork myself and know exactly what I’m looking for most of the time.

    Q: v2? What was the first Delta Species set?
    A: It's an official TCG set. Here's the full set list:

    Full Set List
    [​IMG] Holo Rares:

    1 Altaria δ
    2 Blaziken δ
    3 Chandelure
    4 Darkrai δ
    7 Giratina δ
    8 Greninja δ
    9 Kabutops
    10 Mimikyu δ
    11 Porygon-Z δ
    12 Reshiram δ
    13 Sceptile δ
    14 Scizor δ
    Artwork: Unknown
    16 Swampert δ
    17 Venusaur
    18 Zekrom δ
    [​IMG] Rares:

    19 Absol δ
    22 Crobat δ
    23 Deoxys
    24 Dusknoir δ
    25 Empoleon δ
    26 Flygon δ
    27 Gardevoir δ
    28 Gengar δ
    30 Golurk δ
    31 Gyarados δ
    32 Lucario δ
    33 Luxray δ
    34 Muk δ
    35 Palossand
    36 Rhyperior δ
    38 Salazzle
    39 Sawsbuck δ
    40 Steelix
    41 Type: Null
    [​IMG] Uncommons:

    43 Cacturne δ
    44 Castform
    45 Combusken δ
    46 Doublade
    49 Frogadier δ
    50 Gabite δ
    51 Golbat δ
    52 Grovyle δ
    54 Ivysaur
    55 Kabuto
    56 Kakuna δ
    57 Keckleon δ
    58 Kirlia δ
    60 Luxio δ
    61 Marshtomp δ
    62 Noctowl δ
    63 Porygon2 δ
    64 Prinplup δ
    65 Rain Castform
    66 Rhydon δ
    67 Snow-cloud Castform
    68 Sunny Castform
    69 Swellow
    [​IMG] Commons:

    71 Buizel δ
    72 Bulbasaur
    74 Deerling δ
    75 Duskull δ
    76 Froakie δ
    77 Gastly δ
    78 Gible δ
    79 Gligar δ
    80 Golett δ
    82 Hoothoot δ
    84 Magikarp δ
    85 Mudkip δ
    86 Litwick
    87 Onix
    88 Pikachu δ
    89 Piplup δ
    90 Porygonδ
    91 Ralts δ
    92 Rhyhorn δ
    94 Rufflet δ
    95 Salandit
    96 Sandygast
    98 Shinx δ
    99 Swablu δ
    100 Tailow
    101 Torchic δ
    102 Trapinch δ
    104 Weedle δ
    105 Zubat δ

    106 Delta Patch
    108 Holon Badge
    109 Holon Factory
    111 Mauville City
    112 Mysterious Fossil
    113 Steven’s Advice
    114 Zinnia
    [​IMG] Ultra Rares:

    115 Arceus ex
    116 Groudon ex δ
    117 Kyogre ex δ
    [​IMG] Secret Rares (Might Update):

    Ho-Oh GoldStar
    Lugia GoldStar
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    Okay, so it's 5am and I'm finally heading to bed. Here is a short summary of what I've done for the set today.

    First of all, I made the booster packs for the set and I am super happy with how they turned out.

    I made 9 cards today but I will only showcase the holographic ones on this comment, so here they are (if you want to see the other cards I made today, go to the top/main post on this thread):

    That's all for today, will definitely be on it tomorrow though! :)

    [Edit] Nerfed Silvally because I later realized how overpowered it was, thanks to CardPone from the PTCG Faking Community Discord server for letting me know!
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    Delta Pokémon don't have Delta Species in its name. All cards read "Pokémon that have Delta Species on its card".
  4. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.


    Wow, I really like these. I do wish they would go back to Holon at some point in the TCG, I love the idea of Delta species. Keep it up! I can't wait to see more.
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  5. Fariszk7 Sinnoh Enthusiast


    I know that, as far as i can see I don't think I have a card that reads it like "Delta Species in its name", I might be completely blind though.
  6. Fariszk7 Sinnoh Enthusiast


    Glad you like them! I'm a huge fan of the DS cards so I'm super happy Meta made blanks for them! :D
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  7. Fariszk7 Sinnoh Enthusiast


    Only made 1 holo card today but I'll still showcase some other cards that i made today and are somewhat interesting.

  8. Serperior 464/500

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    I loved EX Delta Species so much. These took me back down memory lane and look really great at that - keep it up!
  9. Fariszk7 Sinnoh Enthusiast


    Thanks! I will do my best :D

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