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A new Togedemaru will appear in Fusion Arts, which releases in Japan on September 24th. Most of the set’s cards should become part of our Fusion Strike set on November 12th. Thanks goes to Jack U. for the translation!
Togedemaru – Metal – HP80
Basic Pokemon
[C][C] Everybody Rollout: 20x damage. This attack does 20 damage for each of your Benched Pokemon that has the Everybody Rollout attack.
[M][C][C] Bowling Attack: 50 damage.
Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: Grass (-30)
Retreat: 1
The first cards to feature the “Everybody Rollout” attack appeared in Sky Stream and Towering Perfection, which were cut from our Evolving Skies set. They should appear in November’s Fusion Strike...

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Ooh, does it, though? Mew was mainly for Urshifu, right? Blissey protects against it from the bench.
There’s Inteleon first and foremost. Getting pinged thrice is enough to KO 60% of the Everybody Roll Out Pokémon. Also consider Calyrex V, which can hit two Pokémon for 5 damage counters (5 damage). Not enough to OKHO anything in this deck, but enough to 2HKO almost everything in this deck. And then there is the risk of not getting a Blissey into play. I’m sure I’m missing something:
With this deck you are expecting to inflict upwards of 120 damage for 2 Energy. Was Night March actually good with only Double Colorless Energy? Because I can’t imagine this deck being good with only Twin Energy, even without Blissey immunity. If you could be inflicting 2HKOs on VMAXs, it MIGHT be worth it, but that would require an additional three bench spots, which would require the return of sky field. Not to mention you have to get 9 different Pokémon into play at once. Not to mention you have no room for Crobat V or Kricketune V (or Eldegoss V). In short, this deck is fun to look at, but if you want to make this deck good, you probably want to make a cube and balance it so this deck is good.