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Hello to all Pokébeach readers! Here’s Gabriel again with another Pokémon TCG article for you. This time I’m bringing some information and speculations about problems for the metagame of the future but which can be understood and fought with solutions from the past.
The Changing Meta
To leave the philosophical part aside a bit and be clearer, for the last few weeks I’ve been doing some tests with Fusion Strike, focusing on the amazing new Mew VMAX / Genesect V (MewGen) deck. Amazing is the word that defines my current perception of the deck, as I’ve never played a deck this strong before…

My astonishment, which increased the more I played with the deck, lead...

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Wait. I’m not supposed to be able to comment on this, am I? I don’t remember ever being able to comment on strategy articles before. I think something might be broken. :(

Also, Fusion Strike isn’t tournament legal yet. Maybe that explains why you haven’t seen any in the PTCGO. Or maybe it doesn’t.