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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by PurgeEmoji123, Sep 27, 2019.

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    This might just be my opinion, but the Espeon from Lost Thunder may be under-rated.

    For one colerless Energy you draw 3 cards. And as a seperate attack It does 20 damage plus 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to ALL of your opponent's pokemon.

    The reason I think this card Might be a meta card for this rotation is because, Could be used against certain deck collaborations. Which tend to use A lot of Energy.


    Keldeo GX/Quagsire
    Celesteela GX (with anything)
    -For the Abilities which cannot be affected by and/or damaged by any GX or EX. aswell as the fact that to attack (other than GX move) it take 3 energy

    Zeraora GX/Pika-Rom
    Pika-Rom/Raichu Tag Team

    Those are just a few examples but anyways Obviosly the espeon isnt the only card in the deck you'd be using but please let me know if you agree

  2. PMJ happy thoughts

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    It's a bad card. The attack seems powerful, but attacks that rely on your opponent's side of the field are generally bad. In order for Espeon to OHKO Keldeo-GX, for example, your opponent needs to have 8 Energy in play. And Keldeo-GX only has 170 HP. Against Tag Teams, you have no chance in hell of OHKOing them since they will simply never have that many Energy in play.

    You will likely be doing 80-140 damage a swing, which is not a wise use of your time. Espeon is a Stage 1, so it takes time to get out. With a paltry 90 HP, you are going to be getting killed every turn, and the fact that you have to evolve means getting Espeon out when you need it is significantly more difficult.

    Psychic decks have Malamar FOL to rapidly accelerate Energy to Basic attackers like Giratina LOT and Ultra Necrozma-GX to do Espeon's job better. They're easier to get into play and have more powerful attacks.
  3. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    A few seasons ago, there was a Leafeon (Plasma Freeze?) that had a similar attack. I loved that Poké and found it to be a good attacker, albeit in limited situations. But, I did incorporate it in my then main tournament deck. Fortunately, it was a good counter to several top decks back then.

    Today, that LOT Espeon may also have limited usefulness, IMO, too against certain decks (e.g., those you've listed) that may "stockpile" energy. Also, since Espeon is Psychic, it could also be effective in Mewtwo & Mew GX (another popular deck) match-ups (assuming the opponent does not have the Weakness-protecting Jirachi GX in play). In weighing its potential usefulness (as a tech in your decks), some considerations you may want to also weigh for that Espeon include:

    • An "easy" 1HKO prize,
    • Most effective mid-to-late game when opponent has "lots" of energy in play,
    • Stage 1 Poké whose Basic is also an "easy" 1HKO prize, and
    • Other viable techs that may be more useful given the nature of your deck.
    I hope you find these comments helpful.
  4. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Easy - something like 100 damage with a weakness for 1 energy sounds amazing, until you realize that the majority of the meta is 200+ HP Tag Teams with Great Potions. Unless your attacking non-GX is stupidly pushed, can do arbitrary amounts of damage and has an absolutely broken engine behind it *COUGH*charizard*COUGH*, it stands no chance in the meta.

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