'Eruption Walker' Japan's Mini-Set for April!


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Let me remind you all that there is still cherrim in the format from ultra prism.
I'm not exactly sure why you're bringing up Cherrim-UPR in this instance, but if it relates in any way to the new cards, those will be most likely be legal to play after rotation

You'd probably be better off saying "Weakness Guard Energy is still a thing" tbh


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I'm not exactly sure why you're bringing up Cherrim-UPR in this instance, but if it relates in any way to the new cards, those will be most likely be legal to play after rotation

You'd probably be better off saying "Weakness Guard Energy is still a thing" tbh
oooooof I forgot these came out AFTER rotation.
I am very sad, butterfree now is not as good big oof.

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  • Butterfree V/VMAX - Ehh. Not impressive. Even with the fact that it has Rillaboom and bunch of Grass searching and it does 160-190 still doesn't impress me. 2/2-3
  • Karrablast/Escavalier - Ehh?! 2/2
  • Shelmet/Accelgor - Ehh?! 2/2
  • Bounsweet/Steenee/Tsareena - at the end of the day, its a Stage 2 that does only 100 for 2 in format where Vs rocking at 300, 300, & 340 HP. 3/3/3
  • Wimpod/Golisopod - Wrecking the opponents using Twin Energy. 2/3-4
  • Heatran - with Buff Padding can ramp up the damage to 230+ for a Welder and an energy attachment. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Larvesta/Volcarona - reliant on the GX to do 80 for 1 energy. 3/3
  • Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame - not impressed. 2/2/2-3
  • Centiskorch V/VMAX - I love this card! 3/4
  • Galarian Mr. Mime/Diggersby/Sinistea -
  • Mr. Rime/Polteageist/Dedenne/Bunnelby - These kind of attacks remains after rotation, this time its "Mad Party". Too bad we don't get Ditto next rotation, so that we can use the ability to dump these to do damage. Like Lost March, you'll reach to the point that you don't any back ups and end up losing. I played Lost March, and I hate the struggle. Still 20X like before in a format where we have big Pokemon Vs and Tag Teams will remain in the next format. 4 all in all
  • Feebas/Milotic - It heals all for 20 but its nothing new. 3/3-4
  • Cubchoo/Beartic - ehh?! 2/2
  • Wishiwashi - Good at T1, that's it. 2-3
  • Vikavolt V - an Item Lock for just a Tapu Koko and An energy is nice. New Seismitoad? (Expect Thunder Mountain to rotate once this came out) 4 Geodudes
  • Toxel/Toxtricity - Its a risk. 2/3-4
  • Snubull/Granbull - ehh 2/2
  • Gardevoir V/VMAX - Still have the Zacian weakness. 3/3-4
  • Lunatone/Solrock - another card that needs a pair together to work and no one will ever pay attention to it. 2-3/2-3
  • Morelull/Shiinotic - no synergy found between a Stadium that reflips and a bright mushroom slug. 2/2
  • Diglett/Dugtrio - 110 for 2. 2/2
  • Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar - it hits hard but has a lot of downsides. 2/3/3
  • Grapploct V - although you need the forest to reflip in order to do 220, you need M.A.D. to do 260-270. 4 Geodudes
  • Grimer/Muk - a dark-type Muk that isn't Alolan Form. 2/2
  • Purrloin/Liepard - pointless ability on a pointless Pokemon. 1/1
  • Darkrai - Nice. 3-4
  • Aron/Lairon/Aggron - an ability that can be easily countered unless you have something to stop it. 2/2/3-4
  • Galarian Stunfisk V - Love this card. Self-tanking. With the fact that we still get cards like Metal Core Barrier next rotation, this dude isn't easy to take down. 4-5
  • Rookidee/Corvisquire/Corviknight - love the caviat to prevent looping. Is this the replacemen for Scoop Up Net, probably not. But I love to see it some play. 3/3/4
  • Sentret/Furret - I flickin Love Furret! #WalkingGalore 2/2
  • Suspicious Can - too suspicous that its playabale relevance can be suspicious. 3-4
  • Old Computer - Its the same Recycle card but with extra steps. 3-4
  • Lookalike Bell - not a 4-of card but a card only good for 4-ofs. 4
  • Big Parasol - may see some use. 3
  • Kabu - another turn 1 draw option! 5 Geodudes
  • Breeder stuff whatever - Its an Evosoda with extra steps. 4 Geodudes
  • Glimwood Tangle - flippers are good again, isn't it? 5 Geodudes
  • Heat Energy - 4
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The overall quality of the set is sooo bad! A year ago all the cards had some redeemable feature, but now we have stuff like the furret, Beartic, accelgor and Heatran (I could go on) which are completely unusable. The distance between the top decks and random cards from sets is way to long. There should be one, but not this huge!


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This is the Sword/Shield equivalent of Crimson Invasion, it seems. Other than Mad Party being a Night March resurgence and Centiskorch V Max being an interesting deck on its own, most of the cards in the set aren't anything special.


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Night March resuscitated from death in a new form after 6 years woo!

(Let's not count Lost March)

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Here is my list of cards that are of interest to me at first glance:

  • Golisopod: Potential nice counter to GX and V based decks but I do not foresee it taking ohkos most of the time.
  • Centiskorch VMAX: Nice flexible damage output and even accelerates to itself when you want it to do so. Note that the self-acceleration is optional.
  • The spiritual successor of Night March seems to be based on Alice in Wonderland: Mr Rime (the mad hatter), Dedenne (the dormouse), Bunnelby (the march hare), Polteageist (the tea dishes). It is a budget deck but the damage output has a natural cap that does not sit well with this meta expected to be dominated by Pokémon VMAX. Similar to Lost March you will need Big Parasol and Mew SM10 to protect your glass-cannon balls.
  • Vikavolt V: Potential nice addition to electric decks but in gneral it seems worse than Boltund V and Tapu Koko V.
  • Toxtricity: Could be a decent mill card with Glimwood Tangle and Cursed Shovel. Might want some tech Will in it too.
  • Gardevoir VMAX: Could be decent with Indeedee V and Malamar but not totally soldon the healing theme.
  • Galarian Stunfisk V: Trap Bite looks like a real nice attack at a lost cost. Maybe this could be a decent addition to Zacian V decks.
  • Corviknight: Combined with Scoop Up Net to retrieve itself tankf Pokémon VMAX with low attack costs will love this card provided that they can fit them into the deck. Dragapult VMAX came to mind here.
  • Heat Fire Energy: Nice addition to fire decks. Cinderace VMAX may benefit more from it than Centiskorch VMAX.


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Mad Party looks fun, until you realize you need to dump 15 Pokemon into your Discard Pile to reliably OHKO. Also folds to ADP.