Errata for 'Steam Siege' Galvantula

So instead of Target Whistling/Poke Puffing two Joltiks and knocking them out, I'll be able to Target Whistle/Poke Puff two Joltiks and knock them out.


This would have been a great tech for Night March vs Greninja till this errata. Go first and get a joltik out. They get out two Froakies. Evolve & GG.
I think the errata was unnecessary. I think that being able to choose the active as well as the bench is a better attack.
Basically what I thought it said in the first place. I had been waiting for this deck. I'm using Gavantula, Yanmegas and breaks and eeveelutions. I'm killing mega ray decks with my format.
This card worked beautifullywith Mega Alakazam. I had everything put together with the new rotation and this happens. Not trying to turn this into an Alakazam post but why make such a powerful card with no way to consistently make it work.
Yeah. I noticed that in the TCGO and wondered why. I also have the "errata" version from the theme deck. Will there be some kind of ban on the "errata" card?

Okay, I read the article on the website. Thanks for this.
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