Episode 47: "Serena's First Capture!? Yancham VS Fokko!!"

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  1. Drohn Wild War Dance



    Pokémon XY: Episode 47

    In this episode of the Pokemon Anime, Ash and friends are watching a TriPokalon demonstration performed by Aria, which gets interrupted by a troublemaking Pancham! After causing soe more trouble for the gang, it soon joins sides with them to battle Team Rocket. After rescuing Pancham, Serena and Pancham seem to have bonded and decide to battle.

    What will happen in this exciting episode?!


  2. Romain Aspiring Trainer


    Finally Serena caught a new Pokémon! And it's a Pancham! It's a super cute Pokémon.

    Now if only Ash would get to it and catch more Pokémon too! :p
  3. Tuoko Aspiring Trainer


    For now, I just think he needs two. Hoping he gets Phantump and possibly Goomy,

    Nice to see Pancham joins the cast though.
  4. Chiibii The Procrastinator


    That ending! It was so kawaii. I can't believe it. Pokémon has really improved since the previous seasons. I showed my Skype contacts the 1st ending to the 1st season, and well they were like "wow". I'm trying to get more of my friends into the Pokémon anime! :(

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