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I know that when the standard format gets shaken up that new decks come in and out of favor, but I have to say that I'm really liking the current flavor of Standard. I do realize the Rayquaza GX / Vikavolt is strong and dominant right now, but I want to mostly look at points beside that. My thoughts are:

- There is a lot of deck diversity. Basic decks set up pretty well, but supporters seem to also give a good way for stage 1 and stage 2 decks to set up decently.

- More on supporters: even though we may be "lacking" in a lot of draw supporters, this line really slows the game down and gives some good strategies to decks that aren't hyper-aggressive.

- I don't see any real preference that's currently being given to specific types, and even with the way future expansions look like, I don't see any other types being supremely favored (even though some types are certainly going to be getting a decent amount of love)

- Really, I love the current balance so far of this format (besides Ray)

Are people enjoying where this format is right now? Am I giving praise too early for how this format is shaping? Let me know if I'm just out of my mind!


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Are people enjoying where this format is right now?



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I'm liking the current format as well. The lack of Float Stones and rapid energy acceleration/recovery means that you have to be much more careful when it comes to Energy management. You can't just dump it all into one or two Pokemon at any point and expect things to go perfectly.


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I hate the lack of float stone or strong draw options but I do like the diversity of how some draw is better depending on the deck builds. Meta could use some more non GX decks that are not just gx counters but lost march could help that but I'm not to sold on it