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Pokemon has revealed the English version of Ditto from Crown Zenith. It’ll be part of the set’s “Galarian Gallery” as card #GG22/GG70.


Our special Crown Zenith set will start to release on January 20th. You can see all its products here. They will release from January through May.
The Galarian Gallery from our set will be comprised of the secret rare cards from VSTAR Universe and cut cards from recent SWSH sets. Some of the set’s secret rares will also be released as promo cards in English.

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One of the cutest cards in this set. Love the idea that Ditto infiltrates the daily lives of everyone, making it more like a Zorua-type trickster. Hope we still get art rares in some capacity in SV, since I love the worldbuilding those cards do and Paldea is a wonderfully rich region.


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I'd love to get a ditto series one day like the one from gen 3 that's just filled with ditto hiding among other random Pokemon. One where he transforms next to a legendary looking confused at seeing a clone of them would be hilarious